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July 14, 2017 2 Comments


July 14, 2017 2 Comments

Happy Friday! I hope you all have fun and exciting plans this weekend and if not then I hope you at least get to relax which is just as exciting in my book! On our books we have a hair cut for me, Game of Thrones trivia with friends and a little bit of blog work. I’m super excited! And I’m also super excited that we’re half way through this challenge (eeeeee!). So let’s talk outfit number 5!

Outfit Thoughts

I’m really digging this look. It’s casual but the blouse make it a tad more upscale than just wearing a t-shirt. Overall it’s pretty comfy but small confession, these jeans are a tad too small for me. I still love them though so we’re makin it work! I think I’ve actually already worn this outfit twice this season and it feels like a solid go-to. My favorite part is how the brown bag/shoes contrasts with the denim and blouse. I just love that combo! And it doesn’t feel too matchy matchy because the shoes are a very light version of cognac.

Style Notes

| RETRO | – I love how these jeans have a retro vibe about them with the high waist and straight leg. It gives it a lovely 90s mom jean effect that I’m really feeling. And they make your tush look great! This denim silhouette is definitely something I want more of.

| MESSY ROLL | – My favorite way to style these jeans is with a messy hem roll. Back in high school I used to perfectly roll my jeans to make little capris. Now, I prefer a much more unintentional sloppy roll. It adds a fun laid back ease to a look and is so easy to do!

| SIZING REALITY | – I mentioned this up top but these jeans are just a wee tight on me. The waist is ok but the hip area is pretty snug. To be 100% honest, I went with this size because 1. other’s had said they run a little big and 2. I was kind of hoping they would provide some motivation to start working out a little more. Actually what I should say is I followed sizing advice, they were a little too small but I kept them anyway to be motivation. I personally don’t like it when someone buys a clothing item as motivation. It puts a ton of pressure on you and what if you don’t get there? I think it’s a much better idea to save up for that item you’re working towards and buy it once you’re already there! But anyways, I still kept them and they do “fit” they’re just a little snug. Maybe I’ll sell them and by a secondhand pair but for now I’m holding on.

| LIGHT DENIM | – Has anyone else noticed that it is super hard to find light denim? I know that dark denim is way more popular but I LOVE the wash on these jeans and wish I could find more! I’m still not a super fan of medium wash denim but would love to see more light options. It’s perfect for summer and can be a beautiful contrast for fall/winter.

Outfit Details

measurements: height 5’5″ weight 130lbs 34C/27/39
1 | navy blouse | zara / size: small / similar ethical version / similar under $30

2 | the perfect summer jean: fitzgerald wash | madewell / size: 26 (need size 27) / similar ethical version / similar under $90

3 | cognac handbag | sezane / similar from sezane

4 | tan flats | dolce vita / similar ethical version / similar under $50

See you on Monday for look 6!



  • Bev July 16, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Love this look! Try sticking it out with the too small jeans for a while longer! I originally took my normal size and they’re now more of a boyfriend style fit. The next year, I squeezed myself into the next size down and breaking them in was tough (I could barely sit down), but now the small ones fit perfectly and I can even ride a bike in them. It took about a month of consistent wearing to get there.

    • Allison Metcalfe July 17, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      Hi Bev,
      I’m so happy you like this look and thank you for sharing your experience with Madewell’s summer jeans. I think I will actually keep them. I’m having the same sitting issues but hopefully they’ll be done breaking in soon! Thank you for stopping by 🙂
      xo Allison

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