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August 2, 2017 3 Comments


August 2, 2017 3 Comments

Hi everyone! Today I’m happy to share a wrap up post of my summer 10×10 challenge! I was hoping to get this up last week before our move but chaos set in and I just didn’t have time. Now that we are semi-settled (in a hotel right now & moving to corporate housing on Friday!) I’m able to finish this wrap up.

So today I’ll take you through a brief summary of what the 10×10 challenge is (in case you’re just joining in now!), my 10 picks, my 10 outfits, my three favorites and what I learned about my style through this challenge!

What is the 10×10 Challenge?

The 10×10 challenge was created by Lee from Style Bee several years ago. Here is the basic format of what the challenge entails:

1. Pick 10 Items (no accessories, jewelry, hats, workout clothes or pjs)
2. Make 10 outfits with those 10 items
3. Wear those outfits for 10 days

That’s it! Super simple and so fun! A wonderful community has started to build around these challenges especially now that Caroline from Un-fancy has started partnering with Lee for the last few challenges. You can browse the hashtags #summer10x10, #stylebee10x10, #unfancyremix or #10x10friends to get some inspiration and join in! I believe Lee & Caroline will be hosting a fall challenge but you can try one out whenever you want! Here are some reasons why I love joining in:

1. Learn something new about my style
Whether that’s a new outfit formula, new color combination or outfit silhouette that I never thought of before. Always remember, creativity loves constraint!

2. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear for 10 days
This seems a little lame but it’s wonderful. I usually wear my outfits during the work week so this challenge lasts me two weeks with the weekends as a break time. It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning and already know what you’re going to wear!

3. Discover new all-star pieces in my capsule
Sometimes I don’t realize how awesome one of my pieces is until I toss into this challenge. It makes me explore how I can wear a certain item and helps me add even more value to my closet.

4. The community is killer
I say this all the time but it is one of the main if not the main reason why I even have this blog. People can be so awesome. They can also really suck but the community around this challenge is so encouraging, uplifting and inspiring it’s unbelievable. I love it when people come together to support/help one another.

10 Pieces

1 | POLKA DOT SLEEVELESS BLOUSE | old from Zara / similar ethical option / similar under $50similar under $40similar under $30

2 | RAW SILK TOP | jamie + the jones / size: small / similar under $18

3 | LINN SHIRT | elizabeth suzann / size: os / similar under $40 / similar under $30 / similar under $15

4 | CROP TOP | elizabeth suzann / size: small / from SS’16 collection, similar in linen & cotton poplin / similar under $55

5 | LINEN JUMPSUIT | elizabeth suzann / size: small regular / similar ethical version under $200 similar under $70 / similar under $40

6 | TAN FLATS | old from dolce vita | similar ethical version / similar under $45

7 | SILK SKIRT | elizabeth suzann | size: small | from SS’16 collection, similar in linen, cotton poplin, linen gauze / similar under $75

8 | LINEN PANTS | elizabeth suzann / size: small regular / similar ethical version under $110similar under $65 /

9 | BLACK CLOGS | no6 clogs / similar under $100

10 | MOM JEANS | madewell / size: 26 / similar under $90

10 Outfits

Favorite 3

| LOOK 1 | – my favorite thing about this look is how classic it looks. The tucked in blouse + wide waist band on the skirt accentuates my waist and makes it the focal point. The colors are also make for a beautiful rich contrast. Pairing this look with light tan flats makes this look sophisticated yet comfortable.

| LOOK 2 | – this is my favorite out of all three! I love love love the oversized top with the wide leg bottom. The crop top hits just at the right place to divide the jumpsuit underneath. The sandals keep the overall look light but add another nice touch of black and the pop of caramel is perfect to warm up the white/black look. Top it off with a statement necklace and you’re ready for date night!

| LOOK 3 | – Obviously this one was a favorite because it was highlighted on my IG feed twice 🙂 I love the contrast of light neutrals with the black statement pieces. In this look the natural linen pants add a nice touch of warmth and comfort to the white/black contrast. I decided to make this look work ready with a classic structured tote bag and my big bug eye sunglasses. This look would be great even dressed down! Hair in a top knot, backpack instead of tote and birkenstocks would make it the perfect street look!

What I Learned

1 | Utilize black accessories for a modern look and brown accessories for a more earthy natural look.
2 | Raw silk is a great alternative to a basic cotton tee.
3 | To warm up a black/white combo add a rich tone such as caramel or burgundy (even a nice natural linen!)

Thanks for stopping by! I may be a little more sporadic than normal on here in the next few weeks but expect to see at least one post a week from me!



  • Nadia August 3, 2017 at 12:47 am

    Allison, I love every outfit you created – very inspiring! I included the link to this post in my 10×10 recap!

  • Angela August 7, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    I adore your style and picks for the 10×10. You nailed it. I have drastically cut my closet over the past couple years but know I can further taper with smart, high quality choices. As I have to save up to buy these types of responsible and ethical pieces, like my two Elizabeth Suzanne tops, it simply takes time….but the payoff is sure worth it. In the meantime, I continue to scour for great vintage finds that cost less!

  • Tania S December 23, 2017 at 6:02 am

    Wow just found your blog and really love your style. I’m in New Zealand and we are in summer currently so am enjoying having a browse through your summer styles. Great insight, love the black accessories.

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