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September 6, 2017 2 Comments


September 6, 2017 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to go through my lounge clothes for some time now. I’ve spent the past year and a half focused on my seasonal wardrobes so my leisure section has felt seriously neglected. I have a specific shopping budget dedicated to each season and when making my priority list I’ve always seemed to push lounge wear to the bottom. It was hard for me to justify spending money on something that would just be worn around our home.

That’s when it dawned on me. Why do lounge clothes always have to be reserved for home? If I found the right pieces I could transition them from cozy lounging to running errands and still look put together. So today I’m partnering with Miakoda, an ethically made athleisure line that is owned and operated by two kick ass sisters in New York, to show you how I transition my loungewear into on-the-go rockstars.



I adore this outfit. Every ounce of it is pure comfort. First off I’m wearing Miakoda’s sweatshirt which is super soft on the inside and just oversized enough to give me room without being too bulky. Next is my belle silk skirt from Elizabeth Suzann to help dress up the look and finally finishing off with a heel that’s at the perfect height for standing on your feet all day. It’s a lovely balance of casual and dressy elements which feels so true to my style. I’m keeping this look in mind for our next brunch date 😉


| Long Sleeves | – I think my favorite thing about this sweatshirt is its’ extra long sleeves. I’ve always hated it when my sweater or sweatshirt sleeves would come just at or a little above my wrist. I’ve been this way since I was little. I’ve always wanted them to go to my first knuckles if not the tips of my fingers. To me it makes the piece even more comfy. If long sleeves are not your jam they look just as great rolled 🙂

| Geometric Accessories | – I love subtly tying in elements in my looks. An example of this is the shapes in my necklace and the round clutch bag. Just a little geometric play that makes me smile.

| Front Tuck | – Always. Just kidding but it is most of the time. I love the front tuck with this look. It helps the outfit look a little less pristine. When I had the sweatshirt untucked it just looked too stiff and bland. By tucking it in the sweatshirt keeps its’ playfulness and helps show off my waist line. My motto – always try a front tuck. Or I guess it could be “front tuck till I die” but that might be extreme.

| Light grey + camel + black | – I don’t own many grey pieces but I’m really enjoying this heather grey, camel and black combination. It’s a little bit softer than my normal white, camel, black contrast. It also seems warmer and more cozy for fall. I may consider adding more light grey pieces to my wardrobe in the future!

Outfit Details

1 | sweatshirt | c/o miakoda | wearing size: small | made in New York City

2 | belle silk skirt | elizabeth suzann | wearing size: small | made in Nashville, TN | similar in cotton poplin | similar under $80 (darker version)

3 | the day heel | c/o everlane | wearing size: 7 (tts) | made ethically in Montopoli in Val D’Arno, Italy

4 | geometric necklace | maslo | made in Richmond, VA | similar style

5 | opelle x style bee bag | opelle | similar sustainable version | similar under $30

Outfit 2

Outfit Thoughts

This is how I would get away with wearing these pants to a client meeting. It still looks sophisticated and polished but I’m wearing comfy pants. WIN! If you ever want to take a lounge element and make it work appropriate, pair it with normal office essentials. In this case it was a clean button up and business worthy shoes. It elevates your leisure piece so your both cozy and ready to take on that client meeting.

Style Notes

| Earth tone accents | – I love the pop of earth tones with this black and white palette. It adds warmth without making the look too casual. A perfect combination for fall!

| Thick Waistband | – Another key feature that I wanted to highlight with these joggers is the extra wide waist band. I had no idea how much of a difference this would make! Having a wider waistband feels more comforting and makes it easier to tuck in shirts. It also prevents the band from awkwardly pinching or squeezing you which is a big plus!

| Pockets for Days | – My favorite thing about these joggers are the pockets. I’ve had so many pj pants in the past that were super comfy but no pockets! It makes these pants both functional without sacrificing comfort. This outfit has double the pockets with the two giant pockets on elizabeth suzann’s duster vest. Now I can fit my keys and phone in my jogger pants and two bottles of wine in the duster! Just kidding but they would definitely fit.

| Fall Transition | – This outfit is great for transitioning into fall. I chose a short sleeve button up because it is still a little too warm out for long sleeves. The duster is perfect for chilly mornings and nights and the joggers are light enough so I don’t sweat during the day but still keep me warm at night. I’ve found that when I’m transitioning into seasons I need to blend more summery pieces with a few warmer ones (in this case short sleeve shirt, long duster). Layers are also super important! It’s always nice to have options just in case your outfit is too hot or too cold for the fluctuating temps.

Outfit Details

1 | the slim fit joggers | c/o miakoda | wearing size: small | made in New York City

2 | courier shirt | madewell | wearing size: small | ethically made option

3 | duster vest | elizabeth suzann sample sale | wearing size: OS- | similar in charcoal under $30

4 | modern loafers | everlane found secondhand | wearing size: 7.5 | similar under $40

5 | handbag | sezane | similar style

6 | super duper sunglasses | karen walker found secondhand | similar ethical version

7 | classic petite sheffield | daniel wellingtion

Miakoda’s fall collection has just been released on their site so I encourage you to go check it out and see how you can transition one of their pieces from total relaxation to a day/night on the town!


This post was sponsored by Miakoda but all opinions are my own.


  • Krystal September 7, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    I really like the joggers! What does the interior feel like (jersey, terry, etc.)?

    • Allison Metcalfe September 7, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Hi Krystal!I’m so glad you like the joggers. The interior feels like a jersey. It’s light but not too thin. I normally wear pants like these when I travel and this is now going to be my go to pair. I’ve already washed them and they turned out just as soft as when I got them. If you have any other questions please let me know!
      xo Allison

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