The Thoughtful Closet

Seeing that logo and name brings an instant smile to my face. I have been toying with changing the name of my space for a while now and I started to get restless. Simply Linked Designs no longer represented what I wanted to do and create. A change needed to be made. And so The Thoughtful Closet was born. It’s an ode to shopping mindfully which is a direction I'm constantly pursuing and the obvious choice of “closet” to tie into personal style. For now it is just a name with a few vanity touch ups but eventually I want to redesign the entire site as well. I know. Best practice is to roll all of these things out at once but frankly I was too excited! I’d also like to thank Abby Jackson for the time and wonderful work she put into creating an aesthetic that I absolutely love. So here is my new name. Yay for the first milestone of 2017!

Allison KarabaComment