WINTER 10x10 - LOOK 2

Look number 2! This week has been intense. My day job has been taking a toll on me and once again I find myself posting late in the evening. I'm still hoping to post a look every day which means I'm going to have to double down and have a couple of late evenings. 

I actually wore this outfit last Tuesday. Overall feelings, eh. There are parts I like and parts that I'm not so keen on. The outfit looks fine but it doesn't feel 100% me. More detailed thoughts on look 2 below :) 


I've seen others score their looks and I thought it would be a great way to help me visualize which looks I truly like the most. I forgot to score my first look but I would have given it a 10!

This one I'm giving a 6. I like the top and the mix of cream and white but I don't think skinnies were the right choice for the bottom portion. I tried my boyfriend jeans as an alternative but that didn't feel right either. It feels a little too heavy on top and I think I needed a wide leg bottom maybe these or these or maybe some flares instead. It's something I'm definitely going to play around to make this outfit a 10! I think it has potential. But here are some of the details that I did like about this look:

CUFFS - I love the extra long cuffs on this white shirt. At first I thought it was annoying because it made rolling the sleeves a little bit trickier. But now I see it as an interesting structural detail and the rolled sleeve on my Jamie sweater highlights it even more. Even though the extra long cuffs are slightly impractical for every day - washing my hands was a little bit of a pain - I still love the structure that they created in this look. And I love how they contrast with the hand knit texture of the sweater.

LAYERD MUTED COLORS - I have never layered similar shades before and I think I kind of like it! It feels more fresh than the layering in my first look which was a large contrast. This is more subtle. I also like this combination because of the differences  in texture. The sleek cotton button up mixed with the organic knit. Very different fabrics but still close in color so the blend and work together. Layering similar shades is a new styling trick that I'm happy to take away from this challenge!

PROPORTIONS - When I layer I normally I don't like to have too much of the bottom layer show. For example with a turtleneck it is normally the sleeves and neck. Never the bottom as well. But for this look I decided to keep the bottom un-tucked. It makes the top silhouette look longer with the shirt undone. It also makes it feel a little less buttoned up and ties in nicely with the extra long cuffs. 

outfit: jamie and the jones t sweater (new version size: small)/ urban outfitters white button up (size: small, s/o similar here) / joe's high waist jeans (size: 27) / everlane brixton boot (size: 7.5) / seaworthy earrings / marc jacobs columbus tote