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Styling EM Jewelry + Design Sela Collection

October 4, 2017 No Comments

Styling EM Jewelry + Design Sela Collection

October 4, 2017 No Comments

I have been an admirer of EM Jewelry + Design for a little over a year now. I was immediately in love with their simplistic concepts and especially loved their hair clips! So when Ellen reached out to me to help spread the word about her new Sela Collection I was over the moon! Below I’m sharing a little more about EM Jewelry + Design, why I love the three pieces I chose from the collection and my styling tips 🙂

EM Jewelry + Design

Ellen studied Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Texas Tech University. While working for a jewelry designer in Portland, OR she discovered her true passion and drive for design. Ellen finally took the leap to start her own brand after relocating from Portland to Waco, Texas. What a move! Her designs have a delicate balance of originality and timelessness which is why I love her brand so much. I’m always looking to invest in timeless pieces but at the same time want to have a unique voice in my style. So when I find a brand or designer who has mastered this balance it’s like finding gold!

Look 1 – Sela Earrings & Cuff Rings

SELA EARRINGS – These earrings are so much fun! I’ve been really into statement earrings lately and love how these are a statement but still light. If you normally shy away from statement pieces I would suggest giving these a try. They still have a minimalistic feel but have a little more pizazz than a traditional stud. My current jewelry collection has had a fine divide between bold statement and delicate and I feel that the earrings are a nice bridge between the two extremes.

CUFF RINGS – Stacking earrings are my jam. I’ve always loved rings since I was little and my obsession hasn’t improved much as I’ve gotten older. I try to keep a minimalist approach to my jewelry but stacking rings are hard for me to refuse. My favorite thing about these rings are the hammered ends. It adds a subtle shine to piece which makes them so unique.

Styling Notes

| FALL LIGHT NEUTRALS | I’ve done this monochromatic look before in the summer and was curious about how it would look as a cold weather look. I actually really like it! Since part of my capsule color scheme is similar to my summer capsule, I’m going to try and look at past color combinations from this summer to see if I can recreate them in my fall wardrobe. I love finding new ways to come up with different outfits!

| BLACK ACCENTS | I’ve said this before but I love me some black accents! I particularly like these because they are classic & timeless. They add a nice sophistication to this oversized sweater + linen combo.

| BLENDING TEXTILES | I think what make this light monochromatic look work is the texture of the oversized sweater. It’s warm and feels like fall which in turn lends the whole look to feel appropriate for this time of year. The juxtaposition of the knitted sweater and linen pants also helps with the fluctuating temps. The pants help keep me cool if I’m out running errands during the day and the sweater keeps the chill off if the wind picks up! If you live somewhere where the temperatures are still fluctuating greatly, I suggest playing with fabrics on top of layering.

Outfit Details

1 | sela earrings | c/o em jewelry + design

2 | cuff rings | c/o em jewelry + design

3 | oversized sweater | zara / 4 yr old / size: large / similar ethical version /

4 | tilda linen pant | elizabeth suzann / made in nashville, TN / size: small regular

5 | day heel | c/o everlane / made in Montopoli in Val D’Arno, Italy / size: 7

6 | handbag | coach / vintage / similar vintage version / similar vintage version

Look 2 – Sela Necklace

Sela Necklace – I own nothing like this necklace. It’s bold and so simple. In the past, when I would look for a statement necklace I would go for a bold pendant and usually a long length. But this piece has shown me that I can make a bold jewelry statement with something that is minimal and a shorter length! I love diversifying my jewelry box 🙂

Styling Notes

| CONTRASTING NEUTRALS | I love me a black and white outfit. But for this look I wanted it to be softer so I went with a black and cream contrast. The black high neck top also helps highlight the necklace. If you ever want to showcase a piece of jewelry, especially a necklace, pay close attention to your neckline and the color of your top. If this top have been a v or the color had been white the necklace may have gotten lost and looked unbalanced with the overall look.

| LINEN IN FALL | Linen is such a wonderful fabric that I keep looking for ways to carry it over into fall. This entire look is actually linen (coat is a linen blend)! During this transition time I’ve found that I can get away with layering linen and still feel warm in the early mornings and cool in the late afternoons.

| SANDWICHING NEUTRALS | When working with two colors in an outfit I like to sandwich the colors by having one color highlighted on top and bottom and the second in the middle. This gives a lovely balance to the overall look which makes it more pleasing to the eye. This outfit cheats the sandwiching a wee bit because of the overcoat’s length which almost brings the black element all the way through the outfit.

Outfit Details

1 | sela necklace | c/o em jewelry + design / made in waco, texas

2 | georgia tee in linen | elizabeth suzann / made in nashville, TN / size: os

3 | tilda pants in linen | elizabeth suzann / made in nashville, TN / size: small regular

4 | bristol coat (without buttons) | open air museum / made in portland, OR / size: xs/small / similar with buttons

5 | day heel | c/o everlane / made in Montopoli in Val D’Arno, Italy/ size: 7


This post is sponsored by EM Jewelry + Design but all opinions are my own.

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