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November 28, 2017 No Comments


November 28, 2017 No Comments

First week back from a long holiday and I am for sure feeling it! It was great to spend the weekend eating yummy Thanksgiving leftovers and transitioning our house from fall to holiday time!

Today I wanted to kick off a little mini-series that I am doing in partnership with Tradlands. I try to be very selective when it comes to the brands I work with and I always make sure that their values align with mine. I’m happy to say that Tradlands is definitely one of those brands.

I first discovered Tradlands a little over a year ago. I was immediately drawn to their well crafted basics and the idea that these pieces are made to last the test of time. You know that feeling when you put on one of your favorite pieces and it just feels familiar and comforting? That is how I imagine Tradland’s pieces becoming through the years. Like a cozy familiar friend. Here is a statement from their website that makes me proud and honored to work with them (and it just makes me smile).

“Tradlands is about you, the woman who knows that quality is always in style, and who knows that one great piece can make a whole outfit. 

It’s for you, the woman who loves simplicity and elegance in her wardrobe, and who wants her clothes to make her feel more like herself. 

It’s for you, the woman who cares about where her clothes come from, how they’re made, and how her choices impact her community. 

It’s for you, the woman who wants her clothes to last the seasons with her, to look and feel as good in five years as they did the day she bought them.”

That is a brand I can get behind.

So for this mini series, I’m going to dive into three different pieces from Tradland’s 2017 Fall Collection and share some details about the item and how I decided to style them to align with my aesthetic. So lets kickoff this mini series with our first piece!

Tourist Shirt: Product Review

I feel that sometimes button-ups get a bad rap. When I think of button-up I think of an overly starched and stuffy shirt. I’m so happy that Tradlands is erasing this stereotype with their beautifully crafted button-ups. The tourist shirt in constructed out of mostly cotton which gives it its’ softness as well as tencel which is sustainably sourced from Beechwood forests. I really have nothing bad to say about this piece except that I’m still trying to see how versatile this color will be in my mostly black, cream & camel wardrobe! But if you’re looking to invest in a button-up this season, this shirt would be a great option. I also have my eye on the Ashland White for my own wardrobe!

| ITEM | Tourist Shirt (pictured in Jet also comes in Catalina – light blue)

| BRAND | Tradlands

| COST | $167

| MATERIAL | 60% Cotton, 40% Tencel

| FIT | (my measurements: 5’5”, chest 34C, waist 27”, hips 40”) wearing size small
The fit on this shirt is truly superb. I have found that a common problem with button-ups is the fit in the chest. Sometimes you get the unwanted pulling that makes you look like you’re about to burst from the seams  (not the most attractive look). Or sometimes you find a shirt that fits your chest then you’re left with excess fabric around your waist creating once again an unflattering oversized (but not supposed to be) fitted shirt look. I was pleasantly surprised that this shirt fit in all key areas, shoulders, chest & waist. While I’m not opposed to getting alterations, I absolutely love it when I find a fitted piece that fits me like a glove.

| CUT | This shirt is beautifully tailored. It is fitted yet relaxed which I believe is what helps the overall fit so much. The length comes down to almost my hips which makes it great for tucking. The shoulder seams lie right on the outside of my shoulders and the sleeve length is just a smidge longer than my wrist which I prefer. If I do have my sleeves unrolled I hate it when they’re just a tad too short.

| COMFORT | This shirt blends together so many contrasts. It’s durable but still has an underlying silkiness. It is warm but still breaths. These elements really make it possible to wear this shirt all year round and honestly I would even wear it to bed because it is JUST THAT COZY. There is enough room to roll the sleeves twice comfortably and the length is just right so I don’t feel like I’m going to show some unwanted tummy if I raise my arms. Overall comfort level A+

| CARE | I have yet to wash this shirt. Most of the time I hang my pieces in the shower to get a little steam and then wash when absolutely necessary. The washing recommendations for this shirt on Tradland’s site are machine wash cold, line dry.

| STYLE | In the super chilly months I would wear this under an oversized pullover with the folded collar just barely peaking out + wide leg pants (maybe jesse kamm) and some winter ready ankle boots. In the summer this would be great tucked into high waist shorts with white sneakers or open over a summer dress and sneaks. I seriously can’t wait to play around with this shirt once the weather warms up.

Tradlands is also graciously offering Thoughtful Closet readers 15% off their entire collection now through 12/11! Just use code: thethoughtfulcloset at checkout.

Limited to one use per customer

Styles Notes

I love a good button up-but I’ve always had a hard time styling them which seems so funny because they’re such an easy item to wear. I think it’s because I felt that if I wore a button-up I’d automatically be put in the business casual/boring bucket. So I’ve been determined to find a way to make button-ups work with my closet. I’m very happy with how this look turned out and how the blue in the jeans compliments the Tourist shirt in a beautiful way. Overall it’s comfortable and cozy. Perfect for window shopping during the holidays.

| OUTFIT BASE | Now that the weather is fully setting into cooler temps, I’ve started to think about my outfit in full layers. First I always start with my base layer. In this look it is the tourist button up + straight crop jeans. It’s a nice solid base that blends together nicely. Almost a super modern Canadian tuxedo! Alone this look is fine but by adding layering elements it makes it so much more intriguing.

| KEEPING IT COZY | I had to add some cozy elements to the base of this outfit so that it would feel more me. First I decided on a cardigan instead of a pullover sweater. A pullover could have worked but I thought it would feel too stuffy instead of relaxed classic. Once I picked out my cardigan, my cream beanie was an obvious choice. Keeping the colors almost the same helped keep the outfit organized so there wasn’t too many things happening at once. The sweater texture also adds a nice fuzzy element to the overall look making it more dynamic.

| FULL TUCK | Every time I try a button-up I tuck it in. I just like how clean it makes the base of the outfit look and as always it highlights my high waist pants beautifully. It makes the silhouette so refreshing. Next time you try on a button up, try tucking the shirt in first (or even a half tuck!) and then look at the outfit with the shirt fully untucked and see which you prefer!

| DRESS DOWN | When I took a look at my base layer I knew I had to dress it down a bit so once again the cozy elements save the day. They provide a lovely contrast to the proper shirt and make the look feel more me. I originally wanted to pair my sneakers with this outfit (because I just can’t get enough of them lately) but decided this would be my in between dressy and super casual outfit out of the three so I went with my high ankle shaft brown boots.

Outfit Details

1 | tourist shirt | c/o tradlands | size: small | made in mexico

2 | kent cardigan | madewell | size: small (could wear xs) | gift from family  | similar ethical version

3 | riley jeans | agolde | size: 26 (runs large) | made in LA

4 | frankie chelsea boots | madewell | size: 7 (tts) | old | similar ethical version

5 | beanie | zara | old | similar ethical version

6 | handbag | ceri hoover | found secondhand | made in nashville, TN | similar from the same designer


Thank you to Tradlands for collaborating with me on this post. Even though this post is sponsored all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Thoughtful Closet!

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