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November 30, 2017 No Comments


November 30, 2017 No Comments

Is anyone else super happy that it’s Thursday? We have big Christmas plans for this weekend and I’m having a very hard time containing myself! First on Saturday we’re going to go get my favorite winter blend coffee from Einstein (and pick up a pretzel bagel because I’m obsessed), then we’re going to watch a Christmas movie and finish decorating our apartment and finally I’m going to bake some sugar cookies and decorate them while we watch more Christmas movies!

On Sunday we’re going to a Christmas tree farm and we’re going to cut down our first tree! I grew up having a live tree in our house and I’m so excited to have a live one again (our Chicago apartment had ordinances against live trees…and Christmas spirit). Nothing beats fresh Christmas tree smell. Nothing. Except maybe fresh cookies.

For today’s post I’m happy to share my last piece in the Tradlands mini-series! These chino pants are definitely a little bit of a twist for me since I’m in such a high waist pants groove. But these chinos are unbelievably comfortable! Venture on down for a full product review + styling tips and don’t forget Tradlands is offering 15% off to Thoughtful Closet readers now through 12/11! Just use code THETHOUGHTFULCLOSET at checkout 🙂

Tradlands: Transit Chinos

This is the first pant that Tradlands has ever launched in any of their collections. You can tell they took the time to research, test and perfect the fit. Tradlands is truly the master at taking a menswear classic and adjusting it to be the perfect feminine piece! There are so many tiny details that went into these pants including four functional pockets that will fit an iPhone, finished seams that look great when cuffed, the belt loops have been reinforced for extra durability and the fabric is a beautiful blend of cotton & lycra. I love it when a company puts a ton of thought into the pieces they create. The extra time and effort truly shows.

| ITEM | Transit Chinos in Charcoal (also available in olive)

| BRAND | Tradlands

| COST | $185

| FIT | (my measurements 5’5” chest 34C, 27 waist, 40 hips) wearing size: 4
Overall fit is pretty good. There is a little bagginess around the front and legs which gives them more of a relaxed look. I may have been able to do one size down but I like the slouchy fit. It’s also a little hard to find pants that fit my hips and waist. I may have the waist on these adjusted slightly then they would be perfect! The length hits right at my ankle but I personally love them cuffed.

| CUT | these pants have a regular slim leg with an ever so slight tapering at the hem. They have a mid rise which is a nice change from all of my high rise pants! The length hits right at my ankle but I personally love them cuffed.

| COMFORT | these pants are very comfortable. The material is soft, 97.5% cotton with a tiny bit of Lycra for stretch. I can see myself running around in these all day and being comfortable the whole time.

| CARE | these pants have already been pre-washed and shrunk which I greatly appreciate because I don’t have to worry about the shape changing after I wash them. I can’t seem to find care instructions on their site but I would machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

| STYLE | these chinos will probably be a mostly fall and winter wear. I’m excited to play around with them more and test them out with some of my button ups and sweater coats or more oversized sweaters and ankle boots!

Style Notes

| STREET STYLE | I’ve slowly started incorporating more street style back into my wardrobe. I’ve always loved funky/different pieces and in the past year I’ve kind of shied away from that. I’m not completely overhauling the style I’ve been building but I want to bring back some of those unique elements. In this look it’s the white sneaks and fanny pack.

| WHITE SNEAKERS | did you know that I’ve had my white sneakers in my past five capsules! I’ve always included them because they are an item that can be worn year round but until this capsule I never really wore them. In the past they always felt awkward. Whatever I paired with them I just didn’t like. I don’t know what clicked in my brain to make them more approachable but now I can’t stop wearing them. I do think the exposed socks/tights have helped. I’m really loving the 90s vibe and I think it’s here to stay.

| FANNY PACK EXPERIMENT | so this is a trend. I feel so conflicted about trends because they completely contradict slow fashion. I actually wrote about this with my basket/handbag post. Even though trends aren’t normally part of the slow fashion movement I do think it’s important to recognize when a trend truly speaks to you and can become part of your lifelong style. This crossbody fanny pack experiment is one of those trends for me. First of all this is such a convenient way to wear a fanny pack! Everything I need is right there, it doesn’t get in the way and it looks way better in the winter than wearing it around your waist and dealing with awkward bulges under winter coats. Basically I heart this little leather fanny pack of mine!

| LONG COAT | super long sweater/duster coats are my bees’ knees. They are my favorite coats to wear. I especially love this one’s long length and how it elongates my entire silhouette. It always feels like a giant blanket robe which I’m always a fan of. It also refines/dresses up an outfit in a second. Through on a fabulous long duster coat and you’re instantly put together (even if you’re wearing sweats and sneakers underneath!).

Outfit Details

1 | transit chinos | c/o tradlands | size: 4 | made in LA

2 | winona tee | depop | purchased secondhand

3 | gornik jacket | aritzia | size: small | purchased secondhand

4 | extra white sneakers | veja | size: 38 | made in france

5 | fanny pack | johan | vintage | similar vintage version



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