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December 6, 2017 No Comments


December 6, 2017 No Comments

I made a ton of ground work in my style this season. Fall is the season of change and I feel like my style went for a little transition as well. I’ve been scouring more vintage and I’m really trying to honen in on the essence of classic. Especially as it pertains to my wardrobe. I’ve always had a slightly quirky taste and I feel like I’ve been out of touch with that side of my personality. So basically in three words I would describe my style as basic, modern, 90s and what I want to move towards is modern, french, street, maybe a little 90s. After all, I do live in Portland.

I’m going to try my best to document all of the changes in this capsule just in case you’re going through something similar and also so that I can reference it next year! Below you’ll find all the pieces that were in my capsule, the ones I loved wearing this fall, pieces I could have done without, things I added, my favorite looks and what I learned from my 10×10. So grab a hot beverage of your choice and get snuggled because this one is a tad long but I promise full of good stuff!

BLANK CANVAS CROP TOP | jamie + the jones / made in Nashville, TN / size: small

| WOOL GEORGIA TEE | elizabeth suzann from sample sale / made in Nashville, TN / size: OS / similar ethical version with very cool cutout design / similar ethical version in black

LINN CROP TOP | elizabeth suzann / made in Nashville, TN / size: OS / similar ethical version under $15

| SILK BLOUSE | zara / 5 yr old / similar ethical version / similar ethical version / similar under $45

COURIER SHIRT | madewell / size: small / similar ethical version / similar under $35

| SHORT SLEEVE CROP | elizabeth suzann / made in nashville, TN / size: OS

| OVERSIZED MOCK NECK | johan / vintage / similar under $55

CROP PRINT | north of west / made in Portland, OR / size: small

| HIGH-LOW CARDIGAN | madewell / 5 yr old / similar ethical version / similar under $70

CROP CARDIGAN | everlane / made in Dongguan, China / size: small

| HIGH-LOW PULLOVER SWEATER | madewell / 3 yr old / size: small / similar under $70

HEAVY WEIGHT T SWEATER | jamie + the jones / made in Nashville, TN / size: small

| PULLOVER SWEATER | zara / 4 yr old / size: large / similar ethical version (get $20 off at garmentory) / similar under $30

OVERSIZED SWEATER | c/o vetta / made in NYC / size: small

MOCKNECK BOXY PULLOVER SWEATER | madewell / gift from family / size: small

PLEAT-SLEEVE PULLOVER SWEATER | madewell / gift from family / size: small

PLEATED TROUSERS | aritzia / 4 yr old / size: small / similar ethical version / similar ethical version / similar under $60

LINEN TROUSERS | elizabeth suzann / made in Nashville, TN / size: small regular

| CROPPED WIDE LEG JEANS | madewell / 1 yr old / size: 27 / similar ethical version

BOX TROUSERS | the general public / purchased via johan / size: small/medium

| SILK MIDI SKIRT | elizabeth suzann SS16 collection / made in Nashville, TN / size: small / similar in cotton poplin

| PLAID TROUSERS | topshop / purchased secondhand / size: 6 / similar version under $70

| HIGH RISE SKINNY JEANS | madewell / purchased secondhand / size: 27 / similar ethical version

| MOM JEANS | eddie bauer / vintage via johan / size: 8P / similar vintage version

| HOUNDSTOOTH BLAZER | etsy / vintage / size: 6 / similar vintage version

| WOOL DUSTER | elizabeth suzann sample sale / made in Nashville, TN / size: OS- / similar ethical version

| DUSTER | open air museum / made in Portland, OR / size: OS / similar with buttons

BLACK BLAZER | aritzia / 4 yr old / size: small / similar ethical version

| FUZZY PEACOAT | madewell / 3 yr old / size: 4

LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET | aritiza / 4 yr old / size: xs

RAIN COAT | everlane / made in  Bac Giang, Vietnam / size: small

TRENCH COAT | c/o everlane / made in Suzhou, China / size: small

DENIM JACKET | madewell / gift from family / size: small / similar ethical version

BLOCK HEELS | c/o everlane / made in / size: 7

| BROWN CHELSEA BOOTS | madewell / 1 yr old / size: 7 / similar ethical version (get $20 off at garmentory)

BLACK ANKLE BOOTS | madewell / 2 yr old / size: 7 / similar ethical version

| BRIXTON BOOTS | everlane / made in / size: 7.5 / similar ethical version

LOAFERS | everlane / purchased secondhand / size: 7.5

WHITE SNEAKERS | veja / made in france / size: 38

| OXFORDS | madewell / 2 yr old / size: 7 / similar ethical version / similar ethical version

COGNAC ANKLE BOOTS | rachel comey / purchased secondhand / size: 7


I decided to make a list of the pieces that I loved wearing this fall so I would know what to invest in when the time came.

1. Oversized Cream Sweater
I’ve had this sweater for a very long time and find myself constantly reaching for it as a cozy layer. If I take any trips during the fall/winter you know this guy is getting packed.

2. Cropped Pants (Agolde & Aritzia trousers)
I’m rocking the crop pants plus socks or tights all of the time and I love it. My Riley jeans and these old Aritzia trousers have been on constant rotation.

3. White Sneakers
I think I mentioned it before but I have had these sneakers in every one of my capsules for the past year and this season is when I really put them to work. I wear them all of the time and I’m thinking about adding some more sneaks to my wardrobe for winter and spring!

4. Duster/Long Coat
I love my duster and long coats! Whether they’re structured or more oversized I don’t care. The ones I’ve particularly enjoyed wearing are my long pea coat from The Oak Closet and my wool Ida Trench from Elizabeth Suzann.

Pieces I Could Have Done Without

There are some things in my capsule that I didn’t really wear. I knew this season would be challenging because 1. I’m living in a new city now and 2. I was still trying to figure out my fall style. I want to take note of the things that didn’t work out and if I’m still not feeling these pieces as part of my winter capsule or my next fall capsule then I know it’s time to let them go.

1. Elizabeth Suzann Wool Tee
I actually already let this one go to someone that has been wanting it for a while. I just couldn’t figure out how to wear a wool short sleeve crop top. This one was also tricky because I couldn’t find a cardigan that would go over the sleeves. So note to self: short sleeve wool pieces aren’t really my jam especially if I can’t layer a cardigan over them.

2. Elizabeth Suzann Linn Tee
I love this top and will not be getting rid of it but like the wool tee I was having a hard time layering it for fall. I think it will have to stay in my summer wardrobe.

3. High Low Cardigan
I’ve had this cardigan for a long time because I love the color but the fit is a little meh. I’ve been holding onto it for the color but I really don’t wear it. I think it’s time to let it go.

4. Box Trousers
Oh I do love the shape of these pants but they just don’t make me feel good. I don’t love my silhouette in them so off they went to someone who would give them a good home!

5. Lightweight Jacket
This was a weird one for me to not wear this season. I felt like I was reaching more for my longer coats or my rain coat. Still going to keep it but see how it evolves in my wardrobe over time.

6. Trench Coat
I love this trench but I think it will be more appropriate for spring than fall.

Pieces I Added

A note on transparency here. I got a little carried away this season. I made more changes than I should have and dipped into my wallet more than I would have liked. We all have setbacks and I definitely had one but it’s ok! I recognized the downward spiral refocused on my long term financial goals and got that shopping monkey off my back. I also received some items from sponsorships that I’m super happy to add to my collection. I make sure that every piece I receive is a piece that I would have purchased myself. This way I know I’m adding to my closet thoughtfully and intentionally.

| riley jeans in black | agolde | size: 28 (unlike the air blue the black version runs super small!) | made in LA

| gornik jacket | the group by aritzia | size: small | purchased secondhand

| chore coat | c/o tradlands | size: small | made in USA | receive 15% now through 12/11/17 with code THETHOUGHTFULCLOSET

| tourist shirt | c/o tradlands | size: small | ethically sewn in mexico | receive 15% now through 12/11/17 with code THETHOUGHTFULCLOSET

| transit chinos | c/o tradlands | size: 4 | ethically sewn in california | receive 15% now through 12/11/17 with code THETHOUGHTFULCLOSET

| kent cardigan in brown and cream | madewell | gift from family | similar ethical version

| oversized blazer | c/o everlane | size: 2 | made in Ho Chi Minh

| dicey mules | c/o intentionally blank | size: 8 (I’m a true size 7 and went up a size) | designed in LA

| jacoby mules | intentionally blank | size: 8 (I’m a true size 7 and went up a size) | designed in LA

| langford wide leg pants | madewell | size: 26 (normal size: 27) | purchased secondhand

| long camel peacoat | c/o the oak closet | size: 6 | vintage

Favorite Fall Looks

10×10 Learnings

I didn’t have time this season for a 10×10 recap so I thought I would tack it on to my capsule wrap-up. The majority of my overall season learnings come from these challenges so it felt like a natural component to talk about now.

Here were the goals that I had for my fall 10×10:

1. Refine my fall style
Almost there. Way closer to being there. Last year my fall style was fairly traditional and I made some poor dress choices. But this year I’ve morphed into a better blend of classic and funky that I will continue to refine. However, I’m much happier with this year’s 10×10 than last years! If you’re curious about how that one shook out you can find it here!

2. Experiment more with my oversized blazer.
Check. This piece has become a main part in my wardrobe and I’ve created several looks around it that I love!

3. Come up with a new outfit formula for fall.
Double check! I actually came up with a couple new outfit formulas in my 10×10 including:

tunic + wide leg crop + heel
oversized blazer + full tucked shirt + wide leg crop + heel

And here are all of the outfits that I came up with in my 10×10.

For next year’s fall capsule I’m going to really focus on the pieces that I couldn’t stop wearing this year as well as my favorite outfit combinations. I’m more determined than ever to find patterns in my seasonal dressing so I’m excited to see what kind of mood and if my favorite things from this year remain my favorites next year!

Sharing my winter capsule soon so stay tuned!



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