Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was made up of a lovely print making class hosted by With/Another with Jeremy + Farrah and some wonderful coffee and donuts from Good Manner coffee then an impromptu dinner with family that lasted way into the evening and lead to a lazy Sunday full of cat and hubby snuggles. 

But enough weekend dwelling! Today I'm sharing the questions I ask myself before I pack for a holiday, what I packed for Paris and why as well as some pictures from our trip!

How long are you staying?
What will the weather be like?
What activities/events will you be doing on your trip?
What is the terrain like?

TIME - for our trip we were staying in Paris for five full days and had two travel days

WEATHER - I was expecting the weather to be around 40*F so definitely a little chilly but not as bad as Chicago! Turns out that the weather was even warmer on some days - closer to 60! - and we only had a little bit of drizzle while we were there.

ACTIVITIES/EVENTS - we kept our plans pretty open so we could adjust based on how we felt that day. We did do a ton of walking which I expected. But most activities involved sightseeing and eating. No complaints here! I also did want a couple of nicer outfits for dinners out so that is something I took into consideration. 

TERRAIN - ok this one sounds weird but it’s an important question to ask! For example, in Paris many of the streets are insanely old and made of bricks or cobblestones which is part of what makes Paris so charming! But these gorgeous streets can be treacherous when wearing heels. My walk in heels, without deadly cobblestones, is mediocre at best so I opted for an ankle boot with a small block heel. I made it out unscathed but if you’re thinking of wearing a were warned. 

I pulled most of my inspiration for my Paris packing list from my recent winter 10x10 challenge. It was seriously perfect timing to try that exercise. I may not do a formal challenge before all of my trips this year but I’ll definitely have a little try on session before I pack and try to keep things limited! Overall I was very happy with my choices. The weather turned out to be better than anticipated and I think I could have gotten away with a loafer instead of my heel ankle boots. Here’s a little more on what I packed and why :)

CHAMBRAY SHIRT - (found secondhand size: small, ethical version) I chose to bring this shirt because my overall packing list felt very dark and it is such a classic shirt that is easy to throw on and still look put together. 

CHELSEA BOOTS - (everlane size: 7.5, they run small, similar version herehere) It is probably no surprise that these lovelies made the cut. I wear them all. the. time. They served me so well walking around the city. No joke we averaged 6 miles a day! Comfy stylish walking shoes are a must.

CARDIGAN - (old, zara size: medium, ethical version) I've had this sweater for years and it is just like wearing a blanket. It was a no brainer packing this to layer on if it got chilly.

SWEATER COAT - (madewell size: small, ethical version) This was my main coat on our trip since the weather wasn't as cold as we thought it would be. An open coat is great for walking around because it lets a breeze through but keeps you warm in all the right areas. If you do need to bundle just throw an oversized scarf on and add a crossbody bag to help keep it closed!

WOOL CROP TOP - (elizabeth suzann size: OS, similar version here) it seems like an oxymoron. A wool crop top but I was so happy to snag this beauty during the ES online sale. It has been great for layering over turtlenecks and long sleeve shirts. It feels  a little more dressy than some of my other pieces so it was a great addition for the trip!

FRAYED HEM JEANS - (found secondhand, madewell size: 27, similar here) I had been looking for a pair of dark grey jeans for a while. When I saw these beauties on Poshmark I had to pull the trigger. They are slightly cropped but have been great with my chelsea boots since those boots have a higher ankle shaft. 

WIDE LEG CROP JEANS - (madewell size: 27, ethical version) my love for a wide leg keeps growing and growing. I love that these have a casual vibe with the fraying yet still feel dressy. 

STRIPE TURTLENECK - (gap size: small, ethical version) this guy goes everywhere with me in the winter so this one was again a no brainer. 

PULLOVER SWEATER - (old, zara size: large, similar here) I've had this sweater for a long time as well and it is one of my top three favorite sweaters. I love the round/bulky collar and it is so great to layer over button ups and turtlenecks.

TURTLENECK SWEATER - (old, madewell size: small, ethical version) Again I wanted one item that was a little more dressy than what was already being planned in my packing list. Just in case we did a fancy dinner out :) a black turtleneck sweater is my go to for a sophisticated dinner.

ANKLE BOOTS - (madewell size: 7, ethical version here & here) I wanted one shoe that was a little dressier than my chelsea boots. I opted for a reasonable block heel ankle boot. I was happy I stuck with a wider heel since, like I said before, the streets can be a little dangerous. 

COCOON COAT - (jcrew size: 4) I did bring a slightly more suitable coat just in case the temperatures dropped. I ended up needing it in London but for most of the trip I was fine with layers and my sweater coat.

*GRAPHIC T-SHIRT - (found secondhand size: small, similar here) this was actually part of my travel outfit but I also wore it a ton when just running errands. And I love that it said bien...cheesy I know.

Now here are the outfits I wore and activities we did each day :)

And now finally some pictures from our trip! First are some of our apartment. We stayed at a little boutique hotel the first and second night. Then switched to this adorable AirBnb apartment just outside of the 3rd arrondissments. It was just a little over a block away from a little market street full of meat, cheese and flower vendors. The perfect Paris experience! If we went back I would gladly stay here again!

Visiting Sezane's Le Librairie was on the top of my must do list. The shop is a bookstore, coffee shop and sells Sezane's accessories! I was sad The Apartment wasn't open but that just means I'll have to go back!

And now to the sights! River had never been to Paris before so we had to hit all of the touristy places but mixed in some hidden gems as well :)


I hope you enjoyed my packing list and seeing some pictures from our trip! We're already trying to plan our next trip so any suggestions on where we should go are very welcome!


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