SPRING 2017 10x10: LOOK 3

Only one more day to go before the weekend! I hope you all are having a nice week so far. This weekend it is supposed to get up to 80 degrees in Chicago! I'm hoping my sniffles and cough go away so I can enjoy the wonderfully warm weather. 

Even though I'm bed ridden I'm happy to share look number 3 from my 10x10 challenge. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can visit here to read about the 10x10 challenge and see my spring picks! I'm only about a third of the way through but I'm already loving how these looks are coming together. 

Now lets dive into outfit number 3!

I really like this outfit but I'm not entirely convinced that it's actually practical. I love all white looks but they make me super nervous at the same time. I feel like this look is just screaming for some coffee to be spilled on it. I've been eyeing a couple of white jumpsuits but if I have this feeling with an all white outfit combination, I might hold off and instead choose a darker color option. I'm also breaking all of the "no white before memorial day" rules with this look but I'm not a huge fan of fashion rules anyway. So my conclusion on this outfit is "meh" but I think it was a fun experiment!

| ACCESSORIES | - without the accessories and shoes in this look it would appear a little too sterile. The cognac bag and gold necklace were must haves to bring some warmth to this look. I love monochromatic looks and my “fake jumpsuit” trick but with whites it can be a little tricky. 

| WHITE TEE | - yes I have a basic white tee as one of my 10x10 items! I've never had such a basic element in any of my challenges before. In the past I have always tried to incorporate more I guess you could say sophisticated items such as silk blouses. For my spring challenge,I kept trying to find another blouse to fill the last spot in my 10x10. Then I realized I just needed this basic crew neck. Sometimes you just need to revisit your basics and not overthink things :) 

| PROPORTIONS | - so far this outfit shows of the slimming effect of the jesse kamm sailor pants the best. In my opinion you really can't beat a fully tucked look especially in these pants. I love the shapes in this outfit but I think I would have loved in more with a striped or navy or black tee instead of the solid white. At least I found a combination that makes me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Even if I need to work on the colors a little bit! 

outfit: everlane crew tee (size: small) / jesse kamm sailor pants (size: 6) / no6 clogs (peep-toe pair from garmentory and I absolutely love these, these and these!) / seaworthy necklace / sezanne handbag (similar from sezanne)