Here we are on outfit 4! I confess that I didn't actually wear this outfit today. I have been wearing my outfits as I go but I diverged today. River and I are going to a little birthday happy hour after work and it is supposed to be hot and humid (like it has been for the past three days). I didn't want to wear my long silk skirt if it was going to be sticky so I opted for one of my dresses. My goal is to squeeze this look in on the weekend so I can test it out. 

Outfit Thoughts

I'm calling this my indecisive look. In all of my challenges I've had one look that I'm not 100% on board with. I don't hate it but I don't love it. But this challenge is all about testing your boundaries so those "eh" outfits are just as important as the ones you love! 

So for now, eh. I love the elements, the pieces themselves and the styling with black accents but maybe just a different color for the top. Not white or cream because I've done that before. But something else...I'll noodle on it. 


Style Notes

| BLENDING RUST | I’m still unsure about this color combination but it was something that I wanted to test out. My pairing these two items together the colors seem to have morphed. The rust top now looks more orange to me and the skirt is a greyish brown. In my mind I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I do want to continue blending my different shades of rust/cognac to learn how they can work together. Colors are seriously so fascinating. 

| HALF TUCK | To make the overall outfit a little more structured I half tucked the shirt. The cut & material of this top allow you to tuck with easy and not look bunched or awkward. If I had tucked the full shirt in it would have billowed awkwardly so half tucking was the way to go. If you think your outfit feels a little bland try playing around with how you can tuck in your shirt. Sometimes so simple can easily make your outfit more interesting.  

| RAW SILK vs. SILK | I never really knew what raw silk was until I ordered Jamie + the Jones swatch kit. I expected to feel more delicate and was surprised by how sturdy it actually is. In this outfit, my top is made of raw silk while the skirt is 100% silk. It’s a fun contrast and adds a nice textural element. I personally enjoy both treatments of silk. One is obviously more luxurious while the other is more equipped for everyday wear. Pro tip: if you’re ever curious about a fabric that a small brand offers reach out for a swatch! I’m sure they’d be able to send you a piece of scrap :) 

| FORMAL | Overall this outfit feels more formal than I would typically wear. It also feels a tad too boho for me with it being an outfit of earth tones. But I love the silhouette and feel that it would be great for those rare dressy occasions. Maybe just a small update with colors.

Outfit Details

1 | blank canvas top | jamie + the jones / size: small / owned for one month / similar under

2 | belle skirt in silk | elizabeth suzann ss'16 collection / same in linen gauze / same in cotton poplinsimilar under $50
*I've heard that ES is bringing this skirt back in silk! 

3 | harper clog on high heel | no6 clogs / size: 7 / owned for 4 months / similar under $100

4 | lazlo necklace | seaworthy pdx / owned for 1 y/r 

5 | style bee x opelle bag | opelle / owned for 1 y/r / similar ethical version / similar for under $60

6 | super duper sunglasses / karen walker / owned for 1 y/r