Here we are with outfit number 7! We're on the home stretch now and only 3 more outfits to go! I think I say this every challenge but this summer one has been my favorite by far. I'm feeling comfortable in the silhouettes I'm creating and absolutely love the color palette. It's a little odd that this summer challenge is my favorite because summer really isn't my season.  I love it for about two months and then I'm ready for fall. I've also never felt comfortable dressing for it. Shorts are not my forte and no matter what I wear I always feel overheated. But this summer I think I've started to find my groove so I can improve my summer wardrobe even more next year! 


Outfit Thoughts

I really like this look. I love all of the contrasting neutrals that are going on. It’s a more elegant look than my previous outfits which makes it perfect for dinners with friends or date nights! If it is really hot outside the skirt does make me a little too warm but is perfect once I get inside. So many restaurants are freezing this time of year that having your legs covered can be a life saver. 

Style Notes

| OVERSIZED CROP TOP | - I love the shape of this top. It has a subtle high low hem and hangs very elegantly away from your body. The cut is especially nice for summer as it allows air to circulate. I also like how the top silhouette balances out my slightly pear shape. By having something more oversized on top I’m able to counteract my wider hips.

| COTTON POPLIN | - my top is made out of cotton poplin and it is to die for. I absolutely love it! It feels similar to a classic cotton button up in that it is slightly stiff (by stiff I mean it holds its shape) yet super soft and lightweight. I’ve never owned a material like this before and now I’m obsessed. It is breathable and perfect for hot summer days. I plan on making a review/compare & contrast post on this linn tee vs the georgia but couldn’t wait to gush over this fabric! Seriously, it’s awesome. 

| MIDI SKIRT + HIGH HEELS | - Clogs are probably my preferred shoe with this skirt. I love the length they give me when paired together. They also seem like such a natural complement to each other. Plus I love how the heel accentuates the little bit of ankle that shows with this skirt. Makes it even more flirty and fun! 

| BLACK ACCENT | - Black is my favorite accent color and once again I’m using my shoes as an accent. They become a very strong focal point in this outfit because the rest of the pieces are so light. I’m really enjoying playing around with one neutral accent item. In my case it has mostly been with shoes but I’m excited to try it with other items this fall. I’m sensing a bunch of monochrome outfits with accent bags :)