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January 18, 2018 No Comments


January 18, 2018 No Comments

If I find a need in my closet, I try to look for garments that fit my neutral and subtle palette but that have a little something different about them which leads me to this dress by Fair Anita. A little black dress is nothing groundbreaking but the sleeves on this piece take it to the next level. They add volume to this sheath dress and is one of those details that I search for when looking to add a piece to my closet.

My fall capsule and my winter capsule definitely lean more casual and I’ve been feeling this urge to bring back the femininity into my overall wardrobe. This means I’m going to crack down on finding dresses that I love and work on styling them to fit my personality. I think this outfit hits it right on the head. It has a lovely balance of masculine and feminine which is what I’m striving towards.

Below is a little more information about Fair Anita, my styling tips for this look as well as where you can find these pieces 🙂

Fair Anita

The mission behind Fair Anita is what first drew me to this brand and is especially relevant for the times we are living in today. Their mission is to help support women who are suffering from domestic abuse in foreign countries and give them a means to support themselves and rebuild their lives. They do this by partnering with artists and makers who are creating sustainable and affordable pieces and then sell their partner’s goods through their website. Besides just offering a platform for artists & makers from foreign countries to sell their goods, they also offer programs to help women build up their skill/knowledge base, they host workshops to teach business and entrepreneurial skills & donate a portion of their profits to other charities that focus on creating opportunities for women around the world.

“We aim to create a community of women who celebrate, support, and invest in one another’s success, building a world where we can all thrive, no matter our geography.” – Fair Anita

Styling Tips

| MASCULINE | There is only one main masculine piece in this look but it’s a bold one and main focal point. I’m super happy I decided to test out my houndstooth blazer over this look instead of my normal sweater coat go to. It makes the outfit feel more sleek and it doesn’t feel too stuffy or preppy due to it’s longer than average length.

| FEMININE | On the list of feminine pieces is obviously the dress itself, tights and mules. I feel like this is a pretty standard combination and one that I’ve worn many times. I wanted to keep all of these components the same color (in this case black) to keep a sleek & sophisticated silhouette. It also helps the little details (like the sleeves) pop even more.

| TIGHTS & MULES | I did this combo so much this past fall and it’s sticking around for winter as well. I talked about adding longevity to the pieces in your closet in my last post (winter linen) and by wearing your backless shoes with tights is another great way to continue to wear those warmer weather shoes. I haven’t tried it with sandals yet but I’m definitely not opposed! Here are some looks that have been inspiring me to get more adventurous with my shoes choices. Pinterest 1 / these are socks but it’s adorable also via Pinterest / Pinterest 3

| CONTRAST | There are multiple contrasting factors at play in this outfit. I’ve already mentioned the juxtaposition of masculine & feminine but there is also a mix of hard/cold and warm/soft (literally and figuratively). The obvious soft element in this look is the scarf. It adds a nice rich tone to this otherwise grey/black outfit. It’s also a beautiful pop of color without being a “color”. Lets call it a vibrant neutral. The harder or colder piece is the blazer. With the two combined it creates a modern take on a traditional businessy combination. The pattern of the houndstooth blazer also offers a nice breakup to the solid colors that make up the majority of the outfit.

Outfit Details

1 | karla dress | c/o Fair Anita | size: small | made responsibly in Mexico City

2 | houndstooth blazer | etsy | size: 6P | vintage | similar responsibly made option also love this one and this one by reformation

3 | dicey mules | intentionally blank | size: 8 (went up a whole size from normal 7) | designed in LA made in Italy | similar under $50 | similar under $50

4 | tights | don’t remember 🙂 | responsibly made option

5 | scarf | free people | old | similar responsibly made option | similar under $50 and a lighter color

6 | handbag | etsy | vintage coach | similar vintage option


I did receive product in exchange for this post. However, as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own. I decided to work with Fair Anita because I believe in their mission and love showcasing a sustainable option that gives back to the community and is also affordable! I also want to note that this post does contain affiliate links and I may make a small commission if you shop via those links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Thoughtful Closet!

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