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2017 WINTER 10×10: OUTFITS 3 & 4

February 2, 2018 4 Comments

2017 WINTER 10×10: OUTFITS 3 & 4

February 2, 2018 4 Comments

Happy Friday! It seems that the more and more I try to stick to a schedule the more I get behind! Ha! But for today I wanted to provide my thoughts and style notes for looks 3 & 4 of my winter 10×10. I find it helpful to write these styles notes and thoughts down so that I can look back on them at the end of the challenge or even later this year/next. It helps me find patterns in my outfits and reminds me of looks that I didn’t particularly like.

So lets get started!

Outfit 3

Styles Notes

| DRESS TUNIC | I’ve been so inspired to wear this dress by Sotela as a tunic instead of a dress. I love the extra length and how it looks paired over sleek trousers. The overall look is cool & casual but still comfortable.

| EQUAL PROPORTIONS | The proportions of this outfit help keep it clean and not too heavy. I love that the cardigan is almost the exact same length as the dress.

| TURNING A NEGATIVE INTO BEAUTY | I’ve started to wear lipstick more because when I’m stressed, anxious or even really focused on something I tend to bite and pick at my lip. It’s a horrible habit that I’ve developed in my subconscious. I went to a group discussion a few weeks ago focused on self care and one of the topics we discussed was recognizing body triggers. Our discussion focused more on breathing and what your breathing can reveal about your mental and physical state but it got me thinking about other mannerisms and what they mean. I’ve found that by wearing lipstick I can curb my bad habit because obviously I don’t want to mess up my lipstick! This is really just a bandaid to help curb this habit so to actually address it I’m incorporating more exercise, meditation and breaks into my routine. Hopefully with the two combine it will help fix this habit and I get to explore and play around with accessorizing with lipstick!

| MINIMAL BOLD ACCESSORIES | I didn’t want to take away from the main elements of this outfit so I kept my accessories simple with a bold ring from Minoux (Clearing Ring) and you can’t really see them but my Hera winged hoop earrings by Marja German Gard

| OUT & ABOUT | If the weather was nice I would totally wear this on a bike ride to explore the city or for a walk along the river.

Outfit Details

1 | jersey knit dress | c/o sotela | size: 1 | made responsibly in LA

2 | kent cardigan | madewell | size: small (could wear an xs) | gifted | similar ethical option in a darker color | get $25 off at garmentory

3 | tights | old and don’t remember 🙂 | responsibly made option

4 | high tops | converse | purchased secondhand

5 | lapsang backpack | c/o margaret hennessey | responsibly made in USA

6 | thrillest lipstick | kosas | ethically made in california

Outfit 4

Style Notes

| DRESSING DOWN ROUND TWO | This outfit feels casual to me but is super put together. The full tuck of the sweater, mules, white pants & red lip all help make this a classy and polished look, while the beanie and overall color palette have a bright & casual vibe. It’s almost like the pieces themselves are more dressy but the color palette helps keep it casual. If my pants had been black and I had worn statement earrings + no beanie this would have been a way more fancy look. It’s a fun blend that I’m looking forward to exploring more in the future.

| COLOR PALETTE | I think this is by far my favorite color combination. The chestnut hat and bold red lip add so much warmth and are a beautiful contrast to the white pant & grey turtleneck. I even love it with my denim duster thrown on for extra warmth. This is definitely a new color combination that I’m going to try to repeat in the future.

| FRAMING |  Once again I used black elements to help frame and tie this look together. These elements are my sunglasses, handbag and shoes. Due to the charcoal grey sweater these black pieces don’t stand out as much but are a subtle thread that brings a nice cohesiveness to the look.

| HEEL INSTEAD of SNEAKERS | I had first planned to wear my converse with this outfit to have another element of ease besides my beanie. But then I tried it on with my mules and fell in love with how the pants really stood out with the extra bit of height. Heels let the dramatic cut and shape of these pants really stand out. I’m still thinking about getting them hemmed an inch or two but I’m fine with the length for now. I also tried these mules without socks to see how I would like a little skin poking through and it was too disjointing.

| OUT & ABOUT | I would definitely wear this outfit to a client meeting or brunch/lunch date! I actually love this look so much that I’m itching to wear it again!

Outfit Details

1 | cashmere turtleneck | everlane | size: small | made responsibly in Dongguan, China

2 | sailor pants in salt white | jesse kamm | size: 6 | made responsibly in LA | similar responsibly made option under $75

3 | denim duster |  the yo! store | size: xl | vintage | similar under $150 | similar under $100

4 | dicey mules | intentionally blank | size: 8 (went up one whole size) | similar under $100

5 | handbag | vintage coach | similar vintage option

6 | thrillest lipstick | kosas | ethically made in california



  • Erin February 3, 2018 at 2:24 am

    I love your sunglasses! Would you share the source?

    • Allison Karaba March 1, 2018 at 9:18 pm

      Hi Erin,
      So sorry for the delay here! They are the Super Duper Sunglasses by Karen Walker. I found a pair secondhand on Poshmark 🙂

  • Janet February 14, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    I love how you have styled your Jesse Kamm pants. I have the Tobacco ones and considered shortening them but decided against it. They were an expensive purchase but well worth it.

    • Allison Karaba March 1, 2018 at 9:21 pm

      Hi Janet,
      Thank you for stopping by! Jesse Kamm pants are definitely an investment but they are so beautiful! I’ve been eyeing the Tobacco color for a while now and may purchase them in the future 🙂
      Happy Thursday!

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