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March 27, 2018 4 Comments


March 27, 2018 4 Comments

This winter was a strange one. I was happy to avoid below zero temps but the gloomy days definitely got to me. Feeling less than inspired to write outfits posts or even focus on my style. With all of that said, I love how my style has evolved this winter. Being able to continue to wear my crop wide legs and some of my favorite linen pieces was refreshing and comforting. Below I wanted to once again show what I included in my winter capsule, the pieces I loved, the pieces I really didn’t wear, my favorite outfits and some other random thoughts…so here we go.

Winter Capsule

1 | cream cable knit sweater | my mom’s old sweater | size: medium | similar vintage version | similar vintage version | similar under $20

2 | tan sweater | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical version | get $20 0ff at garmentory | similar under $100

3 | wool turtleneck | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical version | similar under $90

4 | oversized sweater | zara | size: large | old | similar ethical version | similar under $20

5 | cashmere turtleneck | everlane | size: small | made in Dongguan, China | similar under $25

6 | cream ball sweater | madewell | size: small | old | kind of similar ethical version | get $20 off at garmentory

7 | emerald sweater | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical version | poshmark option under $20

8 | black cardigan | everlane | size: small | made in Dongguan, China

9 | crop pleated sleeve sweater | madewell | size: small | current season | similar ethical version | get $20 off at garmentory

10 | brown cardigan | madewell | size: small (could have worn an xs) | current season | similar ethical version

11 | cream cardigan | madewell | size: small (could have worn an xs) | current season | similar ethical version

12 | festive sweater | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical stripe sweater | get $20 off at garmentory

13 | print blouse | millie & lou | size: small | vintage piece print designed in vancouver | similar vintage piece (my print is the meridian woman)

14 | silk blouse | the brooding kind | size: small | vintage | similar vintage option

15 | cohen pant | aritizia | size: 4 | old | similar ethical version

16 | riley denim | agolde | size: 26 (go down one size) | made in LA

17 | langford pants| madewell | size: 26 | purchased secondhand | similar ethical version | similar ethical version

18 | wool skirt | the brooding kind | size: 8 | vintage | similar vintage option

19 | sailor pants | jesse kamm | size: 6 | made in LA | similar ethical version

20 | cotton canvas florence | elizabeth suzann | size: small regular | similar ethical option | similar under $50

21 | mom jeans | johan | size: 8 (for vintage jeans generally go up two sizes) | similar vintage option

22 | linen tilda pants | elizabeth suzann | size: small | made in nashville, TN | no longer available | similar option by elizabeth suzann | similar ethical option

23 | linen florence pants | elizabeth suzann | size: 4R | made in nashville, TN | similar ethical option

24 | grey high waist jeans | madewell | size: 27 | purchased secondhand | similar ethical option | similar under $70

25 | riley denim* | agolde | size: 28 (go up a size or two!) | made in LA | linked to same style in a different wash

26 | karla dress | c/o fair anita | size: small | made ethically in mexico city

27 | jersey swing dress | sotela | size: 1 | made in LA

28 | ida wool trench | elizabeth suzann | size: os

29 | camel sweater coat | madewell | size: small | old | similar option | ethically made version

30 | sweater coat | the yo! store | size: medium | vintage | similar vintage option

31 | camel peacoat | the oak closet | size: small | vintage | similar vintage version

32 | houndstooth blazer | etsy | size: 6P | vintage | similar ethical option | similar vintage option

33 | oversized blazer | c/o everlane | size: 2 | made in Ho Chi Minh City

34 | vintage denim coat | the yo! store | size: 6P | similar vintage | similar under $150

35 | chore coat | c/o tradlands | size: small | made in the USA

36 | gornick coat | aritzia | size: small | purchased secondhand | similar ethical option

37 | cognac oxfords | madewell | size: 7 (tts) | old | similar ethical version

38 | converse | size: 7 | super old | still trying to find an ethically made version

39 | esplar leather white sneakers | veja | size: 38 | made in brazil

40 | dicey mules | intentionally blank | size: 8 (went up one size) | similar under $100

41 | slip ons | vans | size: 7 | insanely old | still trying to find and ethically made version

42 | brixton boots | everlane | size: 7.5 (go up a size or half size) | made in Brescia, Italy | similar ethical version | similar ethical version | similar under $100

43 | modern loafer | everlane | size: 7.5 (go up half a size) | made in Brescia, Italy (purchased secondhand) | similar under $100

44 | powll sneakers | skye footwear | size: 7 | made ethically in vietnam

45 | day heel | c/o everlane | size: 7 | made in Montopoli in Val D’Arno, Italy

Favorite Pieces

Cream Oversized Sweater – this piece has been and continues to be such an easy thing to throw on and style. I love throwing it over a pair of wide leg pants and sneaks for a casual look or dressing it up with crop trousers and heels. It is definitely sticking around for my spring capsule as well!

Cropped Pleated Sleeve Sweater – I ended up gravitating towards warmer tones towards the end of my winter capsule. I think I was secretly wishing for spring so this sweater was in heavy rotation. I absolutely love the color. My favorite way to wear this sweater is with high waist pants and a dressy shoe like my mules of day heels. Since my palette for spring is leaning towards warm neutrals this one is probably sticking around too 🙂

Florence Pants – these pants will forever have my heart even if they don’t have pockets. I loved wearing these with tights underneath this winter. Such a versatile pant and great for everything from lounging to date nights.

Black Aritzia Pants – I wore these pants more than I ever thought I would this past winter. I’ve had them for about four years now and almost got rid of them but for some reason decided to keep them around.

Elizabeth Suzann Wool Coat – my favorite throw on coat. It has giant pockets so I don’t even need to carry a handbag and it feels like a giant cozy wool blanket. I wore this over everything from dressy to casual outfits. FAVORITE

Vintage Denim Duster – this was a new piece for my closet this season and I was super pleased with how much wear I got out of it! Another great throw on for a casual vintage feel. Denim duster plus sneakers always.

Aritzia Coat – so apparently all of my favorite pieces are coats (lolz) but they are a main staple in a winter wardrobe and basically become your entire outfit for 3-5 months. This coat is the best of both worlds though. Sophisticated yet cozy.

Veja – the all year sneaker. I’m fortunate enough to now live in a place where I don’t have to carry my real shoes with me! People of the snow you know what I’m talking about. These once again got a ton of wear this season. So much so that I’m looking for some pad inserts to make them a little more cushiony again since I’ve worn them so much!

Black Converse – this was actually an addition to my winter wardrobe. I found a pair of black high tops on Poshmark and decided to take the plunge. I’ve been looking crop length bottoms and wearing higher shaft shoes is a way for me to continue to wear the bottoms I love in colder months.

Least Worn Pieces

Cream Ball Sweater – this sweater is so cute, soft and fun but I just didn’t wear it a ton. Maybe it’s because I had a lot of cream going on but it will still remain in my closet until next year.

Wool Skirt – ugh the forever dress/skirt struggle. I think my problem with this one is I actually need to get the waist altered and apparently when it comes to alterations I am lazy. I still love this vintage piece so it will stay but I’ll try and tackle it again in the fall.

Cognac Oxfords – surprised these only had a few rotations this past season. I just found myself gravitating to more casual shoes. These might make their way into a sell/giveaway situation but I’ll evaluate them again next fall.

Powell Sneakers – these are great sustainable sneakers but I had a difficult time styling the color. It is a color that is very prevalent in my overall wardrobe so I’m going to give them another shot.

Favorite Outfits

Winter Capsule Learnings

1. All I want in winter are easy to throw on pieces that look clean and put together but are 100% comfortable.
2. Alterations are a barrier for me. If an item needs alterations I most likely will let it sit in my closet unworn. I need to take this into consideration when purchasing new or used items that may need a little fix or two.
3. Keep linen around!
4. Wide leg + high socks or tights + sweater + duster coat is my favorite winter outfit combination.

Some Thoughts on Body Image

I’ve thought about this in the past when I’ve wanted to tone my thighs or my favorite pair of pants were feeling just a tad too snug. But this winter I started to see my body change and I started to worry about how that would affect my capsule. I was always worried about losing too much weight and having my beautifully curated pieces not fit. Now I seem to be on the opposite spectrum where I’ve gained weight and pieces are not fitting correctly. It’s frustrating and annoying. Not only that I’ve gained weight but I can’t afford to replace the pieces I’ve invested in. So I’m left with forcing myself to slim down. While I do want to eat healthier, have a more balanced diet and stop my late night snacks, this extra weight that my body seems to believe I need in order to survive winter has me thinking about how body image affects capsule living. So many changes are way more out of our control than just simple snacking and sometimes those changes should be embraced. I haven’t come up with a full solution yet, but my first thoughts are don’t let clothes be your body police. Yes you’ve invested a lot in your dream wardrobe over the years but they are just clothes. You can always trade items with someone to find something that is a better fit or you can sell what no longer fits you to save up to buy something that will fit your current body. Don’t let clothes bully you into making changes to your lifestyle that you truly don’t want to make and don’t let them make you feel ashamed if they no longer fit. Your health and general happiness is more important. It’s a heavy mental barrier but you can overcome.

Also quick vent sess: if you want to lose 15 pounds, awesome. If you want to gain 15 pounds, awesome. If you want to eat popcorn in bed next to a jar of nutella with a spoon, awesome. If you want to stop eating popcorn in bed next to a jar of nutella with a spoon, awesome. It doesn’t matter what other people say do what is right for you. PERIOD.

That is all I have on my winter capsule! I’m excited to share my spring capsule soon! I’m super ready to lighten up my wardrobe 🙂


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  • Jaclyn LaBrie March 27, 2018 at 2:54 am

    Love everything about this post! I think your point about seeking out clothes that are 100% comfy rings so true, because our bodies do change. That’s just a fact. Season by season, from hormones, when stressers flair up or disappear. So when clothes are naturally comfortable, there tends to be more give when our bodies ebb and flow. At least, that’s been my experience!
    Also: that denim duster is loooovely. Adore your style. 🙂

    • Allison Karaba March 28, 2018 at 6:30 pm

      Hi Jaclyn,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m so so glad that you enjoyed my post! I agree with comfortable clothes being much for forgiving and adapting when your body changes.
      My denim duster is one of my favorite pieces. I love finding a vintage find that is just right and a perfect addition to your closet!
      I hope you have a great day 🙂
      xx- A

  • Johanne March 27, 2018 at 6:03 am

    I Loved your outfits and it seems you have Such a versitile capsule. Have you had any realizations about the size of it, because I Seem to make do with fewer and fewer items the more I hone in on my style

    • Allison Karaba March 28, 2018 at 6:36 pm

      Hi Johanne,
      I’m so happy that you liked my winter outfits. My capsule size has definitely changed over time and I believe that is because of my move from Chicago to Portland. I’m now going through my first year of seasonal changes in Portland so I’m still trying to figure out how to dress for the weather. This led to a larger than I would have liked winter capsule. I believe once I’ve spent some time in my new city I’ll be more equipped to hone in on the number of pieces.
      That is so awesome that you’ve been able to whittle down your closet to your true style. I’m still moving towards that state but trying to not rush the process. I’ve found that my style is continuing to evolve but has definitely started to level out this past year.
      Hope you are having a great day and thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      xx- A

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