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September 4, 2018 5 Comments


September 4, 2018 5 Comments

My favorite season is here again! If you’ve been with me for a bit you know how much I love fall but how I always struggle to dress for it. I get a little anxious to throw on my sweaters even though it’s still in 70s.

Last year I felt that I started to get a grasp on my fall style and I’m excited to punch it up even more this year.  So in this post I’m going to share my picks for my fall 2018 capsule, something I’m finally doing this season & my wishlist!


Not going to lie. I started thinking about my fall capsule at the end of July/beginning of August. Summer I admire and respect you but Fall is my jam. I knew I wanted to focus on neutrals and there are definitely some trends (that I plan to make part of my permanent style) that I have been drawn towards. You’ll see this in some of the pieces I chose such as the polka dot silk skirt & grandpa white sneakers. I’m super excited to pair my silk skirt with some of my sweaters and sneakers this fall. I’m also thinking of playing around with some tights + sneaker options so we will see!

I ended up with 35 items in my capsule (even though I think I left out one critical pair of pants!) but I’m overall happy with that number. There are a few things that I might like to add as long as my budget allows but I’m hoping I can stick around 35!

Wardrobe Breakdown
Tops – 5
Sweaters – 8
Bottoms – 7
Dresses – 4
Jackets/Coats – 5
Shoes – 6

1 | raw silk crop top* | lacausa | size: small | ethically made in LA | linked to similar option

2 | georgia tee in linen | elizabeth suzann | size: os | ethically made in nashville, TN

3 | white button up | c/o power of my people | size: x-small | ethically made in canada | similar under $75

4 | cream print blouse* | millie & lou | size: small | repurposed vintage | linked to similar option

5 | tank silk blouse* | everlane | size: small | purchased secondhand | linked to similar option

6 | cream pullover sweater* | zara | size: large | old | linked to similar option | similar ethical version

7 | brown crop sweater | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical option

8 | tan sweater with stripes | madewell | size: small | old | similar under $50

9 | tan cardigan | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical option

10 | grey cashmere sweater | c/o theo + george | size: small | ethically made in Dongguan, China | similar under $25

11 | cognac sweater* | everlane | size: small | purchased secondhand | linked to similar

12 | cognac cardigan | madewell | size: small | old | similar ethical option

13 | black cardigan | everlane | size: small | ethically made in Dongguan, China

14 | brown floral dress | reformation | size: medium | purchased secondhand | love this one

15 | black daisy dress | faithfull the brand | size: medium | purchased secondhand | similar ethical optionsimilar under $50

16 | linen harper tunic | elizabeth suzann | size: os | ethically made in nashville, TN

17 | midi sweater dress* | zara | size: medium | purchased secondhand | link to similar

18 | polka dot skirt | Tiger’s Den Vintage | size: 8 | vintage | similar vintage option

19 | cognac wide leg pant | madewell | size: 26 | purchased secondhand | similar ethical option

20 | florence linen pant | elizabeth suzann | size: small regular | ethically made in nashville, TN

21 | olive trousers | lacausa | size: 6 | ethically made in LA

22 | wide leg pants | madewell | size: 4 | purchased secondhand | similar option under$50

23 | black vintage jeans | c/o the oak closet | size: 8 | vintage |

24 | black crop jeans | agolde | size: 28 (runs small!) | ethically made in LA | similar ethical option

25 | clyde canvas jacket | elizabeth suzann | size: x-small | ethically made in nashville, TN |

26 | black jacket | zara | size: medium | old | similar ethical option | similar under $50

27 | houndstooth blazer | etsy | size: 6P | vintage | love this vintage one

28 | linen trench | first rite clothing | size: small | ethically made in CA | similar ethical option

29 | rain coat | c/o everlane | size: small | ethically made in Bac Giang, Vietnam

30 | white sneakers | nike | size: 7.5 (order a half size up) | purchased secondhand

31 | tan sneakers | zara | size: 38 | purchased secondhand

32 | black mules | c/o zou xou | size: 37 | ethically made in argentina |  similar under $50

33 | white heels | loq | size: 38 | ethically made in LA | similar under $100 | similar under $75

34 | black chelsea boots* | everlane | size: 7.5 | ethically made in Brescia, Italy | linked to similar

35 | rain boots | c/o alice + whittles | size: 7 | ethically made in sir lanka

Closet Journal

This year I’m also being more diligent about documenting which pieces I wear from my capsule. I’ve tried several times to document my wearage let’s call it, through online spreadsheets and I always seem to forget after only a few weeks in. This go around I physically wrote out my list and I’m keeping it on my nightstand next to my wardrobe. This way I’m waaaay more likely to remember to document my item usage.

This concept of keeping a closet journal is definitely not new. But I’m excited to join the other women such as Paige from Style This Life and Lee from Stylee Bee on creating a more tangible measurement of the pieces I truly wear and the ones I don’t. I’m super excited to see how this goes and may even provide an update once I’m half way through!

Fall Wishlist


I’ve been craving strong modern geometric shapes lately. Mostly in the form of jewelry or handbags. I love the graphic element that they bring to a look. It’s unexpected and a great focal point.


Last year my 80s vintage blazer got a lot of wear so this year I want to look for more plaid or houndstooth blazer that I can wear as an putter layer. Since I wore the one I currently own so much I know if I add a second one to my closet that it will most likely be worn just as much!


I’ve always used black as a main accessory color and now I’m looking to up my game with patent leather accessories whether that be in handbags, shoes or a nice shiny raincoat!

If you’re also creating a fall capsule this season be sure to leave me a comment so I can check it out! I’m always looking for new inspiration 🙂




  • Angelica Zachrisson September 4, 2018 at 8:27 am

    Hi Allison,
    I love your wardrobe and would like to have the same this minute! Especially the pants inspired me as I like wide pants but dont have any in color. Great options and can’t wait to see them paired!

  • Stacy Similia September 13, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    I just want to say that I really appreciate the fact that you actually work within a capsule and a budget, and that you buy second hand. So many “minimalist” and sustainable/ethical bloggers seem to have new pieces constantly, with last seasons finds no where to be seen. This makes their followers constantly want new things to keep up with them. So instead of combatting over consumption, they fuel it. Your blog is refreshing because you actually hem yourself in, choosing one or two trends to try, and continuing to cycle old pieces throughout your current capsules. Thank you! Your blog really shows how to have fun with minimalism.

    • Allison Karaba September 14, 2018 at 3:15 pm

      Hi Stacy!
      Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comment! I greatly appreciate it. It is a very fine line to walk as a minimal capsule blogger. I want to highlight brands that I stand behind and appreciate while at the same time keeping my closet in check. For example, today I’m sharing a brand who gifted me three pieces but they are all pieces I deeply love and even some that I needed in my closet (aka a comfortable black short). I’ve been brainstorming some new ideas for how I can highlight & work with brands but keep my closet count low so I’m looking forward to experimenting with those options in the future! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
      xo Allison

  • Nila McGinnis October 2, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Hi, Allison!
    I absolutely adore your style! Most of the pieces you link are way out of my budget, but I take screenshots of your blog and take them to the thrift store with me to see if I can find similar pieces! Your style is so similar to what I hope to achieve one day, and I am slowly saving up so I can purchase some staple pieces from ethical sources. Thanks for always sharing such great looks!

  • Christina October 8, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    I love your colour palette! I’ve been keeping a wear-count of my fall capsule as well on a spreadsheet – I found that when I synched the data with a pie chart, I was much better at remembering to track what I wore everyday – I think because its so satisfying to see the pie graph change with every wear!

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