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September 19, 2018 No Comments


September 19, 2018 No Comments

Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to kick off my first fall outfit post with a blast from the past. This is one of my favorite outfit combinations from this past summer and I’m excited to see how I can take it in a fall direction. This will probably include a long sweater layer either cardigan or oversized pullover but I still wanted to highlight it while it is still 80 degrees. The weather is about to take a turn in Portland for the cozier but I wanted to slip in one last warm weather outfit inspiration 🙂

Style Notes

| BALANCING CASUAL & ELEGANT | I find myself focusing on contrasts to build outfits. Some of those contrasts include color blocking, hard and soft elements or my favorite, dressy + casual. I love pairing a casual sneaker with a more feminine dressy look. It’s playful and unexpected.

| PATTERN | There are a number of things going on in this outfit and a print is one of them! Who knew this would happen because I didn’t. I found this skirt at the Portland Flea + Food and it was too good to pass up. I felt safe investing in it because it is in one of my favorite palettes (black + white). It has been a fun piece to style and play around with and is perfect for date nights! I think it also adds to the quirky coolness of this look. An unexpected pattern with an unexpected shoe.

| NEUTRALS | Forever my safety net. Neutrals are like my sandbox where I know I can play around with different textures or even out-of-the-box pieces but still feel true to me and not too far out of my comfort zone. Focusing on a familiar color palette has allowed me to explore the different facets of my style and hone in on some looks that I would haven’t tried otherwise.

| THE UGLY DUCKLING | Or in this case the ugly sneaker. Of hey 90s trend that I’m madly in love with…again. I was born and reached 10 years old in my 90s and I find it very amusing that I’m so in love with 90s style notes now that I’m in my late 20s. While my Vejas would have looked great with this outfit too I just love the dramatic element of the chunky platform. I also really like that they’re a tan speckled material. If they had been solid white they would have blended a little too neatly into the look but the speckled material helps them stand out without clashing.

| THE HANDBAG | I played around with so many handbags with this look. Ultimately I settled on another vintage find, a simple black handbag. I especially love the skinny strap that this one has. Maybe I should even knot it at the top to make it shorter and fully embrace the 90s theme!

Outfit Details

1 | crop tank top | nordstrom | purchased secondhand | similar ethical option

2 | polka dot skirt | Tiger’s Den Vintage | size: 8 | vintage | similar vintage option

3 | canvas sneakers | zara | size: 38 | purchased secondhand

4 | handbag | vintage | love this one too!

5 | raybans | old | similar ethical option


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