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October 17, 2018 1 Comment


October 17, 2018 1 Comment

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share my first closet check-in 🙂 I’ve tried to document my wear count before by using online spreadsheets, apps on my phone and even just the notes on my phone but I was never able to stick to it. This go around I decided to stick to pen and paper and so far it has worked! It has also been helpful to have my notebook right next to my wardrobe so I don’t forget.

I first discovered this idea of closet tracking from Lee of Style Bee and it peaked my interest to learn further about the items I’m wearing in my closet. So in this post I’ll share my wear count for my most worn items, pieces that I’ve added, pieces I’ve removed & some of my favorite outfits in September!

Most Worn

The Oak Closet Vintage Jeans | worn 4 times

The cut of these jeans is very different from what I have historically worn but I’m loved wearing them this fall. At first the straight long cut was a little off putting but by cuffing them it changed the whole style for me. I love that they’re a little rugged but still have a slimming waist.

Madewell Cream Cardigan | worn 5 times

The fact that one of these sweaters made in in the top isn’t surprising to me but what is interesting is that the cream won out over the cognac. In the past I have always worn my cognac sweater way more but this year I have been more drawn to the cream. I believe it’s because I actually love this sweater paired with my vintage black jeans. The black jeans are so worn that they are also now charcoal and I believe the color contrast with the cream is beautiful. I have also enjoyed pairing this sweater with my other off white & white pieces for a subtle contrast in tones.

Zara Canvas Sneakers*link to similar | worn 5 times

This item was a little bit of a surprise for me. I love these sneakers but never realized that I wore them this much. I purchased these secondhand from Poshmark after having my eye on them for months. They were a statement piece but still within my neutral palette. I’ve loved pairing them with more elegant pieces to create my take on a street style look.

Least Worn

Agolde Riley Black Jeans | worn once

I love these jeans. I really do. The silhouette is one of my favorites but they’re just a tiny bit too snug for me right now. I’ve found the sizing in Agolde’s Riley denim to be all over the place when it comes to the different washes. Sadly these just don’t work for me right now. I don’t necessarily condone holding onto something with the hopes of being able to fit into them some day but at the same time I’m not ready to let go of these just yet. I may start to be on the lookout for a pair one size up but for now they’re staying with me.

Madewell Wide Leg Pants*link to similar | worn zero times

This one was kind of a stretch for me. I still love these pants but they need to be hemmed and I’m just not wearing them as much as I thought I would. For right now I’m going to rotate them out to keep my piece count low but i still want to hold onto them to potentially wear in the future.

Pieces I Added

Encircled Remix Top (gifted, not going in my fall capsule)

I haven’t been including sleeveless pieces in my capsule for fall because I find the temperatures a little too chilly. I’m super excited to bring this piece back for my summer wardrobe though! I just love the faux romper it creates with the remix shorts.

Encircled Remix Pants (gifted)

A wide leg crop pant always has a special place in my heart. Even though I do have a black linen pair of wide leg pants, I wear them so much that I knew if I added a second variation that it would get just as much wear. I also like that this pair is made of a different material (tencel) and has pockets! Something that my linen flos are lacking.

Encircled Remix Shorts (gifted, not going in my fall capsule)

Next year I will definitely be including this pair of shorts in my fall capsule for when the temperatures are still fluctuating. But at this point in time we’ve kind of crossed the point of no return when it comes to the weather and these won’t receive much wear. I decided to add this piece to my wardrobe overall because I was looking for a flowy black pair of shorts and these were perfect. A lightweight material in a non-constricting cut.

Everlane Day Boots (gifted)

I have had my eye on these boot ever since I saw a sneak peak of them in Everlane’s stories. I decided that they be a good investment because I have been wearing my cream heels so much lately and really enjoy the access they bring to my wardrobe. So when I saw a cream/white pair of boots, I thought that would be a perfect alternative to my heels when the temperatures get a little too cool for any open skin.

Aritzia Crop Trousers (super old)

I have had these in my closet for a very long time. I meant to add them to my fall capsule but sadly forgot to include them! These pants got a ton of wear last year and I’m sure they will this year as well. The only downside to these are that they aren’t high waisted! If they were they’d be absolutely perfect. I may try to look for an ethical of secondhand pair that is similar but for now these will do!

If you don’t already know, I started a YouTube channel! My husband loves creating videos so it felt like a natural extension of The Thoughtful Closet. One series that I’m doing on my channel is Week of Outfits! If you want to see the outfits I wore in September, check out the below video 🙂

I’ll be back with another closet check-in at the beginning of November but if you’re also keeping track of your closet I’d love to hear how you’re tracking it and how it’s going!


This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. When you shop through those links I will receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Thoughtful Closet!

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  • Christie October 19, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    I love this idea of keeping a tally of what’s getting worn. I’ve on week 2 of my curated wardrobe: I’ve escondsed 2/3 of my previous wardrobe to storage. Already I am just non stop wearing my favourite pair of khaki chinos non stop. Makes me remember being a young teen and wearing my favourite thing over and over so much that it became a part of me. I like having that feeling again. Do u ever feel a duty to wear all items equally? :p

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