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Brass Clothing Closest Kit: The Day Tank

October 27, 2018 No Comments

Brass Clothing Closest Kit: The Day Tank

October 27, 2018 No Comments

Happy Friday! I’m back at it again and sharing my last pick in my Brass Closet Kit! This piece is so versatile and such a classic basic that I had to include it! So if you saw my Ponte Pant or Crossover Blouse post’s then you know what’s coming 🙂

But just in case you didn’t, below you’ll find a review and how I styled my third piece in two looks!


| Cost | $68

| Material | 95% polyester, 5% spandex

| Where it’s Made |

| Care | wash on gentle cycle in cold water, air dry. Do not use bleach

| Fit | I’m wearing a size small and my measurements are: height 5’5” weight 130lbs, chest 34C, waist 27”, hips 39.5” and the top fits true to size. The arm holes aren’t too tight and I love how the neckline is a scope but not too revealing. The length is great for tucking but I’m not crazy about where the shirt hem hits me if untucked. However, I tuck or half tuck pretty much all of my shirts so this isn’t an “issue” for me.

| Comfort | like my other two closet kit picks, this top is also extremely comfortable. The cut is more flows than form fitting which gives the ladies a nice amount of room and it doesn’t hug you awkwardly. I also love that there is a lining which makes the fabric thicker than I expected. It feels like a high quality garment and that’s because it is!

| Thoughts | this top is one of the most basic pieces that you can include in your wardrobe. It is appropriate for a variety of occasions from work meetings to casual weekends. My most common combination has actually been this top paired with the ponte pant. It’s easy to layer and perfectly fine on its’ own. I’m not super fond of the top when it is untucked (it hits me just above the widest part of my frame when it is untucked and I just don’t find that personally flattering) but half tucked or fully tucked it is a rockstar! I also love that it has a lining because some time white tanks can be a little see through and no one wants that!

Look 1

| Street Business | for some reason I call outfits that have out of the ordinary sneaker pairings “street looks” but that’s my personal classification for these types of looks! I’m continuing to interject unexpected moments into my looks and the business/sneaker style is definitely a go too. I love how this look used to represent the working woman who wore sneakers to commute because walking downtown streets in heels can be exhausting and now it is a style.

| Textures | I particularly love the textures in this look. They help enhance the business casual vibe. The houndstooth blazer pattern adds sophistication while the canvas shoes bring everything back down. The textures also help soften the white and black base layers. PS this look is comprised of my favorite combo of pieces, the day thank + ponte pant!

| Statement Pieces | when you first see this look, the white tank is probably what pops out the most. It’s neat how you can take a simple basic and make it the focal point of an outfit by just pairing contrasting and muted tones around it. So that the outfit feels balance I decided to pair a lighter shoe with the look to compliment the white tank.

Outfit Details

1 | houndstooth blazer | etsy | size: 6P | vintage | love this vintage one

2 | the day tank | c/o brass clothing | size: small | made ethically in Hangzhou, China

3 | the ponte pant | c/o brass clothing | size: small | ethically made in Hangzhou, China

4 | canvas sneakers | zara | size: 7 | purchased secondhand

5 | handbag | portland flea & food | vintage | similar vintage option

Look 2

| Pops of Neutrals | I utilized my pop of neutrals in my second look as well! I just love the white tank and canvas sneaker combo. This look is overall very dark so the cream/white accents pop even more and of course I couldn’t stray away from my series color palette!

| Dramatic Layers | Instead of pairing one of my traditional cardigans, I decided to pull out one of my favorite sweater coats to add a dramatic layer. I love the length this coat brings to any outfit and it is cozy enough to wear inside as well. For this one I just felt like switching things up a little bit and this is what I landed with 🙂

| Shiny Accent | I seem to be all about adding dimension to outfits lately. For this look, I wanted to add a handbag that would pop a little instead of blend into the ensemble. I also didn’t want it to be too distracting so the shiny patent leather of this bag was perfect. I have gotten so much use out of this handbag and even though it was more of a trend/wishlist item, I’m glad I invested in it! It has definitely been a minimal statement piece in a large majority of my outfits.

Outfit Details

1 | sweater coat | aritzia | size: small | purchased secondhand

2 | the day tank | c/o brass clothing | size: small | made ethically in Hangzhou, China

3 | vintage jeans | c/o the oak closet | size: 8 | vintage

4 | canvas sneakers | zara | size: 7 | purchased secondhand

Thank you for stopping by to see my Closet Kit picks! If you’re looking to add any ethical classic basics to your wardrobe, be sure to check out Brass Clothing 🙂


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