Happy Friday everyone! It has been fairly crazy week in our household. River has been sick and I feel that I’m constantly in catch up mode. But we are looking forward to the weekend which I’m planning to fill with all of my favorite fall things.

Today I’m sharing another versatility exercise with the Virtual Romper from Encircled. Versatility is so key when creating a minimal wardrobe. Having an understanding of how far you can take the pieces in your wardrobe will help you make wiser shopping choices in the future. For example, if you know that one pair of pants that you love only feels good to wear when paired with heels and nothing else, then you know just having that one pair is fine. If you have another item that can be paired with a bunch of different pieces in your closet and you love the outfit every time then it’s safe to say you can invest in similar pieces.

So to kick off your weekend, I’m going to share a little about Encircled in case you aren’t familiar with them, my five looks I created with the Virtual Romper as well as style tips!


Encircled is based in Toronto, Canada and their garment production is 100% made in Canada. The brand was founded by Kristi Soomer after she had been traveling hundreds of thousands of miles for work and needed clothing that could accommodate her always on the go needs. Kristi became frustrated with the current clothing options and decided to design her own line which combines function, versatility & design. I greatly admire how Kristi designers her pieces. She not only looks at it from a pure design/aesthetic perspective but she takes into account the pieces’ versatility and its’ timelessness. Encircled’s motto is “Be More with Less” which resonates strongly with my personal values and mission for my own closet.

Look 1


Style Notes

Mixing vintage denim with more dressed up pieces is one of my favorite style tricks. I love the charcoal grey of the jeans mixed with the black tencel top and pop of cream in my shoes. The subtle color different between the top and jeans make the outfit so much more interesting. If my jeans had been black the look would have been a little too simple for me. This outfit is perfect for a happy hour or date night and could be easily even more dressed down for a day of activities.

Outfit Details

1 | The Remix Boxy Top | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

2 | vintage jeans | c/o the oak closet | vintage | similar vintage option

3 | villa heels | loq | size: 37 | ethically made in LA

4 | handbag | portland flea & food | vintage | similar vintage option

5 | silver chain necklace | my mom’s :) | vintage | similar vintage option

Look 2


Style Notes

Lately, this is one of my most common outfit combinations. Wide leg crop pants + tee + sneakers. It is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. I love the higher crop on these pants and the tencel allows them to flow so nicely. Combine those two elements with a high waist and pockets and you pretty much have the making of my favorite pants! There’s something so special about slipping on a pair of pants that don’t feel constricting or even remotely stiff. Don’t get me wrong. I love my denim but every now and then it’s nice to slip on something that is refined but 100% comfortable in every sense of the word. Since I was wearing a white tee with this look I decided to add my canvas tan sneakers to the look instead of chunky white ones. I’m all about adding warmth to outfits lately and this sneaker plus the handles on my handbag did the trick! Sidenote on the handbag, I love how it’s just a random pop of fancy with this otherwise basic every day look.

Outfit Details

1 | The Remix Crop Pants | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

2 | crew tee | everlane | size: small | ethically made in LA

3 | canvas sneakers | zara | size: 38 | purchased secondhand

4 | margot handbag | lykke wolf | purchased secondhand

Look 3


Style Notes

Pairing Encircled’s Remix Boxy top and Remix shorts is my favorite way to wear these pieces. I decided to dress it up a bit by adding my houndstooth blazer and cream heels then added my clear handbag as an unexpected element. Funny enough I forgot my jewelry bag when I took these photos otherwise I would have worn my large gold hoop earrings to finish off the look :) In my past I probably would have paired a black heel with this look but I love the contrast the cream shoe brings. I wanted the faux romper to be the focal point but the rolled cuffs, clear handbag and heels add just enough of a style element.

Outfit Details

1 | The Remix Boxy Top | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

2 | The Remix Shorts | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

3 | houndstooth blazer | etsy | vintage | similar vintage option

4 | villa heels | loq | size: 37 | ethically made in LA

5 | clear handbag | johan | similar option

Look 4


Style Notes

I didn’t originally include shorts in my fall capsule but I loooove this combination. Sweater + shorts + statement shoe (in my case chunky sneakers!). For me the temperatures have to be just right for this look. Usually in the mid 60s. For this specific outfit I knew I wanted to play with a sweater + shorts combo so I chose my cashmere vneck from everlane and tucked it into the remix shorts by encircled. Then I topped it off with my sneakers for a sporty contrast and my vintage handbag for another fun twist. It seems that lately when it comes to handbags, I like to pick something that is completely opposite of the vibe of the outfit. So far I’m loving it. Small note on the shorts, I had been looking for a flowy pair of shorts since my summer 10x10 challenge and these have checked all of my boxes perfectly. High waist, pockets and just the right amount of flow around my thighs :)

Outfit Details

1 | The Remix Shorts | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

2 | cashmere vneck sweater* | everlane | size: small | purchased secondhand | *linked to similar

3 | white sneakers | nike | size: 7.5 (went up half a size) | purchased secondhand

4 | handbag | portland flea & food | vintage | similar vintage option

Look 5


Style Notes

When working with these pieces I knew I wanted to highlight the full faux jumpsuit affect in some way. I first tried it with a white tee underneath the top for warmth and while it was cute I couldn’t exactly make it work. Since I did want to make sure the outfit was weather appropriate for fall, I went with adding my canvas clyde jacket from elizabeth suzann over top. I thought about adding a long cardigan but love how the jacket and a structured element. It’s also a jacket that is comfortable enough to wear indoors. The textures & colors of this look are some of my favorites. The canvas jacket accentuates the flow and drape of the remix pants beautifully and the canvas sneakers and just the right amount of warmth to balance the cognac jacket. Overall, love this look and will be repeating it over and over again this fall!

Outfit Details

1 | The Remix Boxy Top | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

2 | The Remix Crop Pants | c/o encircled | size: small | ethically made in toronto, canada

3 | clyde jacket | elizabeth suzann | size: x-small | ethically made in nashville, tn | purchased secondhand

4 | canvas sneakers | zara | size: 38 | purchased secondhand

5 | clear handbag | johan | similar option

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


I want to say thank you to Encircled for sponsoring this post. I decided to work with Encircled due to their efforts in creating sustainable practices from material sourcing to full garment construction as well as their thought process for when designing new garments. Also, this post does contain affiliate links. If you shop through those links I will receive a small commission. Than you for supporting the brands that support The Thoughtful Closet!

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