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Harlow Dress & a Life Update

September 26, 2019 1 Comment

Harlow Dress & a Life Update

September 26, 2019 1 Comment

Hi everyone! It has been a long time. My family and I have gone through quite a bit of changes in the past year which is why I’ve been absent from this space. I tried multiple times to come back and refocus but the timing never felt right until now. I’m not big on change and love my routines and lists so when those things are disrupted, it tends to throw me off and sometimes the only way for me to collect myself again is to take life down to the very basics and cut out the extras until I feel more stable. Unfortunately, that meant cutting back on my blog and even my Instagram. But I finally feel ready to share an update on the changes we’ve been going through this past year and with that a little style note and thoughts on this dress by Elizabeth Suzann which has been a wonderful addition to my closet these past few months!


First, we moved again. My husband and I are now in a town just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan and we’re still settling in. We left Portland this past January and to be brutally honest, I’ve had a very hard time with the adjustment. It is incredibly hard to leave a place that feels like home and that you love but this move was right for our family at the time for a variety of reasons even though it has taken a bit of a toll on me emotionally and mentally. When we first moved, we were in a temporary apartment through my husband’s company and the situation wasn’t exactly ideal. Weird apartment smell that I just couldn’t get out, bug problems and none of the furniture was ours. All we had was a suitcase of our clothes, the cats and our computers so I could work remotely. However, we were very fortunate to live rent free for a couple months because this allowed for us to save up for a downpayment on a house!

In April, we moved into our first official home together after living in city apartments for the past 7+ years. Owning a home in itself has produced its’ own challenges and the change in lifestyle was also an adjustment for me since I consider myself more of a city dweller. However, as we’ve started to make our home our own things have gotten easier. I’m more able to see myself here instead of feeling like a transplant and being able to design and create my own space has been very therapeutic for me. I do miss the perks of living in the city but being only a short drive away from Ann Arbor allows me to have my “city fix” every now and again.

Family Expansion

The next giant update is that we’re expecting! If you follow me on Instagram you’re already well aware of this fact but as I write this post I’m about two weeks out from our little nugget’s big debut! Perfect time for me to start up my blog again I know (insert hysterically laughing face). I found out I was pregnant my husband’s first day at his new job which made surprising him extra fun. We had been trying to start a family for several months and when our potential move back to the midwest was starting to become a reality we put our family plan on the back burner or at least we thought we did! We always joked that everything would most likely happen for us all at once and it sure did! We are beyond excited to welcome our little boy into the world but between the location changes and now physical changes I was definitely overwhelmed. Once again, I am very fortunate that I have a very supportive husband and access to resources that helped me get through some of those rollercoaster emotions that I had been going through.

Moving Forward

While I am doing much better now than I was, I still have my down days. Right now, I’m focusing on balance and trying to find new things that bring joy to my life and returning to things that brought me joy before but I’m just exploring them in different ways. This hasn’t been an easy thing to do but nothing in life is. I’ve found that making lists and practicing self-awareness has helped greatly. Below are some things I’ve learned about dealing with change and if you’re also going through some changes in your life, large or small, hopefully you find them helpful as well!

Lessons Learned

1 | Give Yourself Grace
Sometimes I would find myself in these circles of not being able to do anything then feeling like I wasn’t productive or wasn’t contributing enough to my family and then that would turn into self deprecating thoughts and I wouldn’t be able to do anything again. At times, I would just need to sit on the couch and watch tv for a bit or lie in bed with my cats for a while and I had to accept that. I had to recognize when I just needed time and when I could push myself to get chores done around the house.

2 | Time Heals All
This is the most annoying one. I have grown to hate the statement “Time heals all wounds” but it is true (to an extent). Sometimes you just need time. You just need days to pass and for life to keep happening even if you don’t feel fully present. For me it wasn’t just time that helped me but it was definitely a huge part.

3 | Your Mental Health & Physical Health are Equal
I am a huge advocate for mental health. Your mindset can affect more than just your mood. It can take a toll on your physical health as well. I’m so glad that discussing mental health is slowly losing its’ taboo. I’m here to say if you need help you are NOT weak and if anyone suggests otherwise, FUCK THEM. They are not worth a single moment of your time. Please do what you need to do to heal and find joy.

4| Stop Comparing Yourself
Your problems are worthy of attention. You hear it all the time, don’t compare someone’s perfect life on Instagram to your own but I believe the same goes for trying to make your problems seem insignificant in comparison. I’m an introvert over-thinker and sometimes I would be hard on myself about being so down with all of my life changes. I would say in my mind “At least my family is healthy, what do I really have to feel down about.” or “Other people are going through much harder times. At least we have a roof over our heads.” While yes, these statements are true, I still needed to address why I wasn’t happy. Don’t bury your problems because you feel guilty for being unhappy. Everyone’s happiness and joy are equally important.

Style Notes

| The Dress | – this is a piece of art. I have preached about Elizabeth Suzann so many times on this blog and that is not going to stop and I am not sorry. The attention and detail she puts into her garment design is A+++. From the cut of the neckline to how the A-line affect is constructed. The additional fabric panels at the sides of the dress give the garment so much movement you feel like you’re wearing nothing which is crucial in hot summer months. The deep v neckline in the back allows for a little skin to show which helps the piece feel playful and not too constricting. Seriously one of my favorite dresses of all time.

| Scandinavian Vibes | – When I think of Scandinavian style or design I picture basics in their most rustic but still refined form. When it comes to interior design, Scandinavian style is typically marked by clean lines, simple accents, natural light and muted colors and I feel that this look is an embodiment of just that. From the clean neutral colors to the simple practical shoe. The combination feels refined without feeling stuffy.

| Bump Accommodations | – I am well into my third trimester and this dress still has plenty of room. Finding pieces that I’ve been able to wear throughout my pregnancy has been a real challenge since my bump sat pretty high and I found more trapeze style dresses and tops have been the most accommodating and forgiving. The last thing I’ve wanted during my pregnancy is tight clothing so this piece has been perfect to make me feel a little more put together. I’m also super excited to layer it with leggings, sweaters, sweater coats and turtlenecks in the fall and winter. Seriously so many possibilities! 

Outfit Details

1 | harlow dress in midweight linen | elizabeth suzann | size: x-small | similar under $40

2 | the modern babo shoes | everlane | size: 7 (tts)

3 | bella earrings | seaworthy 

4 | market bag | amazon | ethically made version

5 | sunglasses | warby parker

I have some fun things in the works including a look into my fall closet and third trimester outfit ideas so I hope to see you again soon! I’ll be back with another post (and posting weekly – fingers crossed) starting next week 🙂




Also, thank you Niki Artinian for taking these wonderful photos!

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