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First Fall Uniform

2 min read

I believe in ever mini closet there are about two or three looks or formulas of looks that would be classified as your uniform. In theory these outfits should reflect…

Fabric & Textures

2 min read

I wish I could share the feel and texture of this top and skirt. The top is made of a hemp twill which gives it structure and shape at the…

About Me

About Me

Hi! My name is Allison and I'm so glad you're here! The Thoughtful Closet is where I like to share my journey towards slow fashion including my seasonal wardrobes, style inspiration as well as tips and tricks on how to build an ethical wardrobe. I love helping and connecting with people who are interested in building a more sustainable wardrobe so please feel free to reach out via my contact form, leave a comment or message me via Instagram!

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